steam great gift pile contest?

i know the contest ended today at 10 am , but i would like to know if they had any official release on who if any won the main prizes , it seems i cant find any official information only hearsay from forums and they are vague at best , any info would be great , even better a link , or maby peek into the rules agin , cuz i cant find them ether


maby it hasnt been anocuned at all , i think i rember sing in the offical rules u could mail in post cards to get extra coal , one per card , but they had to be post marked before the 2 and had to be recived before the 10th , but idk , some one on the steam forum complained on the lack of news as well

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  • 9 years ago
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    I was wondering this too. I presume you would know if you had won, but I'd still be curious to see official results.

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