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A list of common 1968 household objects?

Hello. I am creating a video game, and a running out of ideas as in what to make from the game. Could anyone possibly provide a list of household objects of that time? I would be grateful, and promise to select the Best Answer :)

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    TV's, in every household by then. Stereophonic record players, mostly 45's and LP's. Bottom freezer refrigerators, Kitchen Aid food processors. Still the elite. Vacuums and rug scrubbers. Large load washers and dryers. The all around best, still in use Echo potato peeler. Hair dryers with soft plastic hoods. Looked like your head was being eaten by a cauliflower monster. Inflatable and uncomfortable.

    Let's not forget the birth of the Boombox! Too big to really use every where but the bigger the better.

    We also were heavy into the home bar things. Drink mixers, like the malt mixer machines you see in some restaurants. Decorative glass's, a glass for every drink. God awful mass produced sculpture. My mom had a vase that looked like a human brain. Creepy at best. Awful reproduced paintings that looked like up chuck.

    Some really great Danish styled furniture. Still in style but with a much healthier cost. Like all before us we wanted to make a mark. Unfortunately most of them missed.

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    8-track tape player and 8-track cassette tapes! (Had 'em) Vinyl records. Shag carpet. Telephone with a cord hangin' from the kitchen wall. A tv that sat on the floor with a turnknob and rabbit ear antenna.

    Add: I also remember everyone had these velvet bullfighter pictures hanging on the walls. Oh, lava lamps! I love this question :) And babies had walkers with wheels that rolled around the house.

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    roach clips


    baggies of weed

    vinyl record albums to pour the weed out on to separate the seeds

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