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Is it unbiblical to quote scripture and to read story books with pictures about the Jesus story to children?

Ive always wondered if its unbiblical to quote/take sections of scripture.. as it talks about not taking away from God's word in the bible..

And Ive also always wondered if its unbiblical to read bible based story books with pictures to my kids.. as the books would be changing God's word (to a much more simple form), and the bible also talks about not making any graven images..

I would be grateful for any thoughts on this? Thanks..

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    Jesus and his disciples quoted the Bible. At Matthew 13:34, 35, we read: “Jesus spoke to the crowds by illustrations."

    Indeed, without an illustration he would not speak to them; that there might be fulfilled what was spoken through the prophet who said: ‘I will open my mouth with illustrations.’” The prophet mentioned by Matthew was the writer of Psalm 78:2.

    Jesus’ illustrations served a number of other beneficial purposes. They aroused interest, compelling people to listen. They painted mental images that were easy to grasp. Also, Jesus’ illustrations helped his listeners to remember his words and made it easier for them to understand what he was teaching them.

    I have heard it said; "A picture is worth a thousand words."

    Important concepts may be emphasized by means of pictures.

    Children can grasp points quicker by using pictures.

    However, if one purposely changes the meaning of God's word that would be wrong.

    Teaching wrong ideas to others would be worse, in God's eyes. It would be spreading lies about him or his word.

    You are to be commended for trying to teach your children about our creator and his word the Bible.

    Keep up the good work.

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    No it is not biblical. You have to teach children at a young age and story books with pictures is how you can help a young child understand God's word. It's OK to make understanding for a young child simple. You can first read them the original from the KJV bible and then use a child's bible for them to understand it according to their young age of comprehension.

    Graven images are things of heaven like angels, crosses, statues of God, Jesus Mary Joseph, etc. People use them as how they intend to show their faith, when God wants people to live according to his word, share his word and not use idols and graven images in their lives. Those images become their gods like in the catholic churches. They pray to the statue of Mary and Joseph. Kneel before the cross. God does not want that. Just repent to Jesus and pray to him throughout your day. Don't use statues or pictures for worship purposes. Kids learn easier when they are young through pictures with the guidance of the parent or guardian. There is a difference between idol worship and graven images and teachings kids with pictures.

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    Neither your assertion is right, nor the truly some answerer's perspectives are terrific. no person has ever forecasted something approximately destiny. No faith has ever defined different faith for worse human beings. Its the human beings who explains it in yet in a distinctive way. None persons have the terrific to call another a Mleccha. All religions are good if accompanied properly.

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    Still fuming when some pastor tried to indoctrinate my 7 yo stepson about heaven an god.

    Then again, I am proud of that boy, he held his ground (he believes in God also), told him he need not got to any church because he can pray anywhere because God is everywhere and there is no heaven when a person dies, just good SPACE.

    Score - Pastor - 0 / 7 year old - 1.

    Source(s): Proud father.
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    Teaching children about the Biblical truths is not a challenge to Jesus life at all. After all, He said to let them come to Him.

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    I am very much against child indoctrination. Shame on you.

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