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9 week old nursing all night long suddenly?

For the last several nights my baby has wanted to nurse literally all night long. I get 30 mins to an hour and a half before she's crying to eat again. She goes from 10 to 6/730 without a wet or dirty diaper but when she wakes up she has several wets immediately. She is not doing this during the day.

During the day she nurses every 2 to 3.5 hours and has plenty of wet diapers. So what's going on? Is this just a phase? I exclusively breastfeed but my mom and husband want me to switch to formula so she isn't "starving" all the time. I really don't want to supplement or switch unless I absolutely have to.


K B - have you not read the news? Three babies got very sick from formula lately & when the opened cans of formula were testes, it did test positive for the bacteria. So yeah, it kind of is like poison. Its fine if you have no options, but I have options.

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    It is common and is probably due to a growth spurt. Your husband and mother are probably just worried about you and your health / wellbeing. They want you to be getting enough sleep so that you don't experience other problems. Formula is not poison, plenty of babies thrive on it and do well. The choice is yours to make, of course, but try not to be too hard on those that love you when they are just concerned for you.

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    Growth spur!

    It's normal to have a growth spur between 2-3 months. When my son had his, I couldn't believe how much milk could go in such a little body. They usually don't last longer than a week.

    Is this just a phase? Kids are all about phases. As soon as you think you have a routine down, your child's behavior will change and you'll need to adapt to his new schedule, eating, sleeping habits.

    Supplementing with formula won't solve anything except confuse your body. If you want to continue breastfeeding, please do so.

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    "Is this just a phase?"

    Yes -- VERY normal -- it'll happen a few more times as she grows, too...

    "Growth spurts"

    "Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk?"

    "my mom and husband want me to switch to formula"

    Why don't you ask Dad and Grandma to read up on breastfeeding before trying to offer feeding "help"? Seriously, send them off to, tell them you're not interested in discussing it until they've had a good read through there. Ask them to troubleshoot your breastfeeding for you if they want to give advice.

    Kid needs to nurse like mad every so often when she has a growth spurt; it's the way she tells your body "Hey, I'm turning into a bigger baby and I'm going to need more milk -- here's how much you need to be making from now on."

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    Well if you don't want to use formula then don't use it. Most babies who are breastfed feed more frequently than formula fed babies.

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