My interpertation of the Palestine - Israel conflict?

im from Palestine and i also listened to the opposite sides arguement

im starting at 1948 although i do have another interpretation about what really happened before then.

britain and france create borders Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria

( before anyone says Palestinians dont exist, yes they do. They named the natives of Palestine Palestinas, search it up)

ok so the Jews were promised a part of Palestine because of the holocaust so when the Jews arrived a U.N resolution was made to split 50%, 50% the Palestinians refused and a war happened. The Jews won taking most of Palestine, thus forming Israel.


big war happened, so then Israel took control of the rest of Palestine, but because of international pressure they were forced to give it back.

modern conflict:

Palestine grows more powerful then ever, being able to sue israel for damaging many things because they joined Unesco. israel complains about Hamas not willing for peace but although the actual Palestinian government ( Palestinian authority ) gets opened for peace and is just trying to make a state israel bashes them and builds more settlements in Palestine and in its capital East Jerusalem the international community kisses israels *** and just tells it to stop although they dont. But when a Palestinian villager in the west bank attacks an israeli soldier ( israeli soldiers are not meant to be there) or when a girl draws something against the Jews in a magazine the international community bashes the Palestinian authority and tells them there will be consequences and then they do take action..

my interpretation is that israel depends on the conflict or else they would cease to exist because israels economy depends on foreign aid and they get it by using the excuse the Palestinians want to kill us so if there is peace achieved then how would israel ask for the foreign aid? the supporting countries will say get lost.

and if israel was actually open for peace they would stop building settlements and sending soldiers into Palestine when everytime there told to stop.

Palestine has done some dumb decisions. but right now the one against peace in my opinion is Israel

what do u all think? and dont give me quotes from other people give me ur interpretation or if u agree with me

oh wait and to support my interpretation that the israeli government isn't opened for peace i present to u this video.. lol

Youtube thumbnail

so if anyone says hamas firing rockets and there defending themselves is total bull crap

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  • Petit
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    8 years ago
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    Here is the original source, with archival footage, of the events before 1948:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail


    What Israeli and Zionist first leaders themselves said about Palestine and its native Arab population:

    Back to your question my friend, no one promised Jews any part of Palestine. Balfour did not mention a state or any Jewish sovereignty in Jordan or Palestine. Both had a vast Arab majority, so there was no place for any Jewish state there. That promise has no validity. The League of Nation's objective was to administrate formal Ottoman territories until such time they are able to stand alone, and not to give them to some minority of illegal immigrants from all over the globe.

    In 1947, Zionist powerful figures used bribe, death threats, and other dirty methods to force UN members to vote for the Partition Plan that will give the minority of Jewish immigrants majority of lands in Palestine. The areas carved by the UN for the Jewish state had Arab majority according to a special British investigation. Because that was a huge land grab for them, Zionists accepted the plan but did not respect it. The next day they started attacking areas allotted by the same UN vote for the creation of Arab state, which caused the 1948 Israeli-Arab war. Here are the testimonies from former Jewish terrorist:

    Without the expulsion of majority of Palestinian Arabs, Israel would never become Jewish.

    Ever since it came into being, Israel never stopped launching wars against Arabs to conquer more lands. Here:

    Because the very idea of the establishment of such state, is to create Jewish majority on as much Arab land as possible. Compare the map of Israel in 1948 and 2012 to see what I'm talking about. Ironically, Israeli supporters claim that Israel is holding Arab territories for security reasons (i.e. to protect the Green Line Israel). Why then building settlements there? After all, more settlements need more lands to "secure" them right?

    Our Israeli friends are indeed good at blaming their victims. They destroyed an entire nation, and still colonize the rest of their lands, and now complain how these people (i.e. Hamas) want to destroy them back. I call that victimization syndrome. Palestinians today are doing what any other people on earth would do if they were in their shoes. If Israel becomes civilized democratic state, and recognizes all Palestinian stolen rights, then who would wish its destruction except those Jewish fanatics who believe that God gave them the land and a license to kill!

    Israel is not open for peace my friend (this conflict wouldn't last 63 years). Peace means no more land grab and ethnic cleansing for Israel.

    Israel is not defending itself from Hamas as they try to convince the outside world. The blockade itself is a war crime. Why? Because it doesn't target fighters or weapon smugglers, but civilian population. Here is the proof:

    This blockade, and many other crimes like bombing civilian areas with illegal chemical weapons that left thousands dead and injured and many other long-term genetic and environmental problems, targeting water reservoirs, agriculture...etc can not be considered self defense by any stretch of the imagination.

    Besides, Hamas agreed to stop all rocket attacks from Gaza if Israel ends its blockade, Israel refused. So the blockade is the reason for the rocket attacks and not the other way around.

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  • diego
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    8 years ago

    you have some true points but i have to correct you in some of them :

    UN partition plan wasn't 50%-50% but more or less 30%-70% (30% for the jews).

    Foreign financial aid is mostly used for security/army budget, if Israel will have peace with all the arab world, this security needs will not exist and this aid will not be needed.

    In this hypothetical case, and without this aid ,Israel can continue to exist exactly like today as budget for non security issues is based on local economy like any other western country.

    I agree that this government doesn't want peace or at least doesn't want to make the hard decisions to get it .and Unfortunally the continuous expansion of the settlements doesn't help to the situation and make it even worse. But Palestinian leaders never went too far in their offers and they always were more focused on set conditions (more concentrated in the "take" than in the "give").

    you seems to be an open mind person ,here you have some questions :

    - if everybody knows that Israel can't allow thousands of refugees into his territory, why palestinian leaders always are declaring that they will not make any concessions on the right to return of the refugees to their original homes (which doesn't exist anymore by the way)

    - on 2010 Nethaniau absolutely stopped the build in the settlements, this last 10 full months and the palestinian leaders didn't do any effort to seat in a true "give and take" table during that time.

    - Israel retreated from south lebanon and right after it was invaded and controlled by hezbolah which made a continuous threat to north Israel (remember the docens of katiusha missiles they used to send before the lebanon second war ?)

    - Israel retreated form Gaza and months after ,Hamas took control over it and started to throw missiles to south Israel until know.

    so, the certain scenario will be like this : Israel retreated from the west bank, Hamas takes control over it and starts to throw missiles over Israel and now they get to Tel-Aviv , west jerusalem, petah tikva, etc.

    you deny the possibility of this scenario above?, while this scenario has a possibility to happens there is no way any Israeli government will retreat from west bank. so what is the solution ?

    Hamas to recognize Israel like fatah more or less do, this will open the sited Gaza and will start a series of trusted steps between the sides which eventual will convince Israel that the Palestinian are also prepared to speak peace.

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  • 8 years ago

    If Israel stopped fighting tomorrow, the state of Israel would cease to exist. If Palestine stopped fighting tomorrow, we'd have peace and a Palestinian state by next Tuesday.

    Israel has only act defensively in this current conflict. All of her attacks have been targeted at Palestinian soldiers. Unlike Palestine, her attacks have only accidentally harmed civilians.

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  • 8 years ago

    @ Anvil

    The Jews lost their land in 70 AD with the destruction of Israel. Since then Israel ceased to exist as a country. The present Israel was created in is NOT a continuation of the old Israel.

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  • anvil
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    8 years ago

    This synopsis reflects the lack of historical perspective.

    The Israeli claim to their land did not start in 1948,certainly not because of the holocaust,but over 3,000 years ago.Jews have lived in Israel long before the Muslim /Arab invasion.Jerusalem has only been a capital of Israel,never of any other people.In 1922 the League of Nations gives Britain a mandate for a Jewish homeland.They call the Jewish homeland,which has existed for thousands of years,Palestine which was the name of the Roman occupation.The Palestinian Arab people people had not yet invented that name.

    You claim that the Jews were promised part of Palestine because of the Holocaust. UNTRUE.

    Their right to it was confirmed in 1922.So you have your facts WRONG.Britain gave 78% of Palestine away to Jordan.Partition in 1947was accepted by Israel.Arabs,not yet a people rejected it.

    Israel was attacked by the well equiped armies of Egypt,Syria,Jordan,Saudi Arabia,Iraq and local Arabs. They occupied all the settlements of Judea and the Old City.More than 1% of the Jewish population were killed.Israel fought back and in1949 the cease fire line became the boundaries of Israel until 1967.

    In the war of 1967 ,Israel liberated all the occupied Jordanian and Egyptian territories.

    There was NEVER an Arab Capital in Jerusalem.Israel rebuilt the entire Jewish Old City,blown -up by the Arab occupiers.It re-established settlements in it's own liberated country.

    Israel has become an economic and technology powerhouse.TOTAL FOREIGN AID IS 1% of GDP

    Two recent governments of Israel offered ridiculously generous deals to the PA.THEY REFUSED. They turned down the sweetest deal ever.! Israel did not have a partner with whom to negotiate .

    After being rebuffed by Palestinians and being the victims of terrorism Israeli's voted for much more assertive political parties.

    Palestinians continue to act as if the were bargaining in a "souk" for ever.Time is NOT on their side.

    Israel is thriving with more and more needs for housing. Arab violence only causes Israeli attitudes to harden more.Palestinians exist on foreign aid which will dry up in the present economic climate.

    ,Millions have never worked,and live on the dole.Israeli's accept that Arab's not enjoying Israeli citizenship,should be autonomous and build a country like Israel has done so successfully.

    Unless the present generation of Palestinians accept that time is not on their side , they will lose

    their opportunity for a Palestinian State living in peace with the only stable country in the the region and the best neighbour.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    the holy land is in the heart and so anyone who picks up a gun in an attempt to make the holy land "greater/complete or whatever" does not realy exist in a holy land at all

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Israel has a tremendous Muslim population. If Israel wants to be as large as it thinks it is, it's going to have to deal with ethnic and religious diversity which it can't handle. Also, it's got serious tension in the region and dwindling support from the West.

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  • 8 years ago

    My views right or wrong.

    Land of Palestine not a country part of Turkish Empire till after the war.

    Palestinians wrong to make who rules Jerusalem a stumbling block to peacetalks Jerusalem mentioned in Bible 265 times mentioned in koran 0.

    Isreali insistance on building settlements disgraceful they seemed to have learned how to behave like nazis very well.

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  • Kevin7
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    8 years ago

    You interpretation is wrong ,Hamas area group of terrorist war-mongers that use suicide bombers and human shields

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The holy land belongs to all people. The Israelis are abusing that right.

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