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Reasons why the U.S.A would declare war on Somalia?

Just a curious question, I know that Somalia is a failed state but would the U.S actually declare war on Somalia?

All answers are appreciated thanks

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    There is no reason for a formal war against Somalia. There are a lot of terrorists who take refuge in Somalia but they are being down by Special Operations Forces and the CIA. And stopping the pirates is a multinational effort.

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    The whole problem is there isn't much of a state of Somalia to begin with. Therefore you can't declare war on what doesn't exist. I mean Somalia could be invaded, bombed or whatever-but the diplomatic nicety of a declaration of war would be redundant.

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    As Ron Paul pointed out, Congress has not had the courage to declare war on anyone since 1941. I see no reason they would find their guts over Somalia.

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    There is no Somalia to declare war on. You could declare war on one of the factions but most likely we would send in troops to "keep the peace" and piss off more locals.

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    Doubt it. Aside from harboring terrorist factions, piracy and withholding international aid from the needy, there's no real reason to declare a war. The terrorism problem can be dealt with through intervention like Iraq and Afghanistan. As for piracy, that's a multinational effort.

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    For harboring terrorists would be the only reason. Somalia is an Islamic civil war zone.

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    Lol....actually....that would never happen because America is considered social/popular with countries from all over the world such as Europe (because America is helping them out financially) Canada & Mexico because they're our neighbors Britain and France they're our allies) for the U.S to attack a country such as Somalia would set a bad image to it. + just cuz they can doesn't mean they will...they might ...but it wont be a direct confrontation

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    what was the motivation to get involved in Vietnam? a lie regarding the gulf of tonkin incident. and iraq? ... afghanistan?? Libya?? follow the money ... google: war is a racket. very informative and enough to make you think what atrocities are done to our military for evil selfish goals... HELL NO WE WONT GO send congress into the next fray.

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    With China buying there oil. And manageing there oil fields. So they can sell them boats and motors. Why not?

  • we have nothing to gain by declaring war.

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