Which is better Nickelodeon vs Disney?

Which do you think is more better and popular?

I like Nick better because it has better role models and the shows are way better. icarly is way better than Hannah Montana and Victorious is better than Sonny with a chance. And all of Disney's shows are crap now. And Nick is way more popular because Miranda Cosgrove makes 180,000 per episode. And she gets so much because it's a popular show and Hannah Montana makes only like 15,000 per episode so Nick is clearly more popular. And Disney has bad rolemodels Demi cuts, Brenda pregnant, Miley doesn't even need a explanation, and Selena on Wizards of Waverly Place was a character that basically said school and homework was for losers. That's a bad infulence. So Nick rules all the way it also has Spongebob a classic cartoon that kids love. Nick is the best no matter what anyone says. With icarly, Victorious, Big Time Rush, Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, Spongebob, Fairly Odd Parents, ect.


@Mariam Talk about bad role model Hannah Montana took those pictures naked covered by a towel. And Vanessa Hughens took naked pictures sent them around. Half of the conflicts on Hannah Montana had to do with her boyfriends and boy issuses. If we count all the boys she's went through that makes one big wh***. And icarly promotes good things like follow your ideas and dreams and it shows through her web show. That it was a idea that turned into something big like the Fred videos on youtube. And Victorious shows everyone has a talent and a special gift. Because Tori Vega thought she wasn't meant to be a singer and she then found out her talent. Even though it was the last one she thought it would be. And it promotes good music. Big Time Rush in all your success friendship is the most important stay close and stick with your friends. Hannah Montana was basically how to be a wh***. Wizards of Waverly Place school work is lame don't do it focus on boyfriends and girlfriends. And

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    Nickelodeon has better role models? not even. Nickelodeon talks about things so much more inappropriate channel. disney shows that are inappropriate at all aren't the ones meant for kids. miranda cosgrove is talentless and icarly is so much worse than wizards of waverly place. icarly is such a brat show and it doesn't promote anything good for kids to learn from. carly is a brat who thinks she can get whatever she wants, sam burps and is a total pig, and spencer doesn't know how it stand up for himself. do you think that's a good role model? if you think that's what kids should learn, then ask 5 years olds to just watch jersey shore or keeping up with the kardashians.

    demi doesn't cut herself at all anymore, and she is the opposite of a bad influence for kids because she teaches them how to overcome eating disorders adn depression.

    brenda is pregnant, but she didn't become so until a year after suite life on deck ended and she's engaged. she had nothing to do with disney when she got pregnant.

    miley was a great role model while she was on disney channel and didn't do anything until WAY after she had ended hannah montana.

    selena's character puts school and homework down as a joke and i can't defend her for that, but nickelodeon shows promote bad behavior.

    sponge bob was proven by a college to lower children's ability to focus. victorious and drake and josh both have much more sexual activity then any disney show has ever had. big time rush has a lot of temper tantrums and shouting around the house. they also don't listen to adults. so, if you still think that nickelodeon is better than disney, go smoke some more crack.

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    Nick is better bc the only shows on Disney I watched was That so raven Hannah Montana and wizards of waverly place which will end on Friday so I see no reason to watch Disney now

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    I used to LOVE Disney when I was little, but now it sucks. All their shows are horrible I don't know what they were thinking. Nickelodeon all the way.

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    to be honest i like cartoon network better than both of them. :p but between disney and nick. I choose Nickelodeon. better tv shows

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    Disney I love suite life on deck

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    F*CK Disney!

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