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If the states mandate voter IDs, shouldn't they provide them to the voters when they register to vote?

To make things equal and fair, when a person registers to vote, the state where they reside should be mandated to give them a state ID just for their voting rights.


Computer, read the question , I said if you are mandated to have a voter ID, shouldn't the states be mandated to provide you with one.

Update 2:

How would it be self defeating?

Update 3:

Let's just face the truth about the whole voter ID thing. The repubs know they can't win a election fair and square, so they must find a way to scam the voting system that has been in place for 2 hundred years without a problem.

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    Exactly, instead of using such ID as poll tax in the guise of "fees."

    The point of this campaign isn't voting, it's to make every American regularly register where he lives with the government. It's kind of surprising given that it took more than fifty years for conservatives to accept the need for social security numbers.

    Americans used to see the requirement for such papers as a symptom of totalitarian governments. These days it's been sold using the fear of illegals and terrorists.

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    At the time of registry ONE SHOULD BRING THEIR OWN PHOTO signed there on (not like in the past 2004 given contracts to Photographers, and without the permission made Photos like Prisoners)

    And huge money was wasted of Ex-Chequer. At the end we have found Duplicate IDs produced with the help of Rationing Dept. employees. As such to make more easy would be The Family Members ID with the Head of the Family (Either Man or Women) can bring their family members Photo individually signed thereon, and presenting to the Registry with the Appropriate Documents Authorizing the Signature thereon (Else cheating is possible) or the Local politicians Authorization for Photos & Signature or High Ranking Government Officers, Police Officers etc. etc. can solve the time problem for Registry for a Family.

    Source(s): Being a Candidate to the Election in 2004, and Worldwide Election Systems information Observer who objected to the Computer voting which has more Manipulation possibility, and exactly the same thing happened ignoring my Complaint from the Senior Election Officer of Mumbai & the Additional Collector of South Bombay. Thereafter the Election Commissioner has banned NRI to vote or participate in Elections a Violation of Indian Constitution.
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    They already provide you with one for a nominal fee. Why should they be mandated to do something they already do?

    You can get an ID card from your local DMV. They aren’t expensive. I think mine cost $5 (and lasts for 6 years). It’s the same as a driver’s license but it says NONDRIVER and it’s a different color so it’s easy to tell at a glance whether it’s a driver’s or nondriver’s license.

    As far as whether or not I think that’s equal and fair… yes, I think so. The cost shouldn’t be a problem because they’re so cheap. Laziness is the only excuse for not getting one, and if someone is too lazy to get the ID you need to vote, I’m okay with them just not voting.

    (The reason I had to get one was because I moved. My driver’s license has my old address and I needed an ID card with my current address in order to vote, and getting an ID card was cheaper than getting my DL replaced.)

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    That would be a great idea to issue a voter I.D. card at the time of registration. BUT People lose things. And it would not be up to date if you have moved and dont get a new one. If you moved to another state, you might forget to get theirs. Even if you just changed your address in the same city you would have to get a new one. I like the idea but it is hard to get all 50 states to agree on something. They have this stubborn notion that individual states should not conform to a national standard.

    In Australia people are required to vote and I dont think they feel that takes away their individual civil liberties.

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    Reason we have to pay to get an I.D. card from state is to ensure the person getting the I.D. is who they say they are.Giving I.D.'s whole sale kinda defeats the need to show I.D. to vote,could give fake names and register any number of times if there aren't any back ground checks...same as a drivers license.

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    A free photo ID should be provided.

  • They DO. Every ID proposal includes a mechanism to PROVIDE the ID.

    Democrats oppose fraud-prevention itself, not any alleged inconvenience for the voter.

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    I think they should go even further. They should have to present a photo ID to even register to vote.

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    Sure. S. Carolina does that. But what makes you think things can be equal and fair? For that matter, why do you think equal = fair? Sometimes they're contradictory.

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