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What are some good foreign films like these: ?

Suicide Room

Summer Storm (Sommersturm)

Show Me Love

They can be from any European country. I guess in mostly interested in an amazing, raw, teen coming of age-like movie. Like it has to be truely realistic and a genuine piece of work. No comedies please. I've also been drawn (obviously) towards the gay theme, I have no idea why. I just feel like those films are so sweet and sensual and I was hoping for more like them. Thanks so much!!

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    inependent drama movies that I simply love start with :

    ******* Amal (has the teen gay theme that you'r drawn to) its amazing Swedish film by Lukas Moodysson 1998

    This is England by Shane Meadows 2006

    Sweet Sixteen by Ken Loach

    En Tu Ausencia (In Your Absence) (2007)

    All that I Love (Wszystko co kocham) AWESOME Polish 2009 movie

    Shank 2009 by Simon Pearce (there is 2 British movies of the same title ) this one by Pearce is teen gay drama movie, one of the best movies I've seen so far.

    and here is a very long and great list of what you might wanna see :)

    and if you like gay/lesbian theme movies, all the best independent titles you will find here :

    Source(s): I'm Polish and I LOVE independent cinema :)
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