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Anonymous asked in Social SciencePsychology · 9 years ago

I seem to have landed in one big ditch?

In 2008, I had friends all over the place.

In 2009, it was reduced to a few, after some fights, but then we made up and I joined an even bigger group (of which I formed a big lot of)

In 2010 the group was massive, people everywhere. Towards the end of the year it broke up... left to about 4 or 5

In 2011 began to reform, but was small at times (usually at most 7). But they were great friends.

Then *BAM* we all fell out, and I was left with 1 or 2 people.

These people are unreliable.

So now I'm left with a couple people I still am acquainted with scattered over the place, but they're very unreliable and we share little in common i.e. one is a religious fanatic.

I don't understand what I seem to be doing wrong, it all seems to be going downhill. I used to always go to the movies, meet up with friends, chat over facebook (I quit by the way!) and have parties and lots of fun.

Now... never. Nothing.

I do have a bit of an anxiety issue where I felt having too many friends was hard to balance and I felt pleasing one meant throwing the others off balance.. but then when I was in hard times I remembered the friends I had.

Now, none.

Even my family which used to be big-ish has been reduced.

There seem to be less and less people as the days go by and I just feel a-lone. Like there's nothing left.

What could this mean? Should I try and change who I am? Am I not outgoing enough?

All the groups I know, that I could easily join, are all obsessed with drugs, alcohol and yeah, sex. Which I'm not. Nu-uh.

I don't know what to do!

I never even see people in public anymore! I used to run into people a lot.

I never feel the same sort of excitement anymore, either, and the sort of atmosphere you'd get around people. There's no sense of it, just the same blandness all the time, and that feeling "I'm going to move on and won't see the person again".

Ever felt this way? Like there's nothing left? What happened then on?

I'm returning to my last year at College next year, and honestly, I'll have nothing but study to go there for. And you know, life is rather pointless if you're just going to study.

Last year I had friends waiting, there to hug them and say "I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU-"

Now, I have nothing. Or perhaps, a group of egotistic traitors who will look on me and think all kinds of, I don't know...

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  • 9 years ago
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    Poor you! Well first of you, i don't recommend you change yourself, your personality or whateva you don't do that makes you NOT YOU! just be yourself you know, aren't there at least one person who you feel comfortable with? i mean if you landed in a big group of friends- wasn't there at least one person who you could trust you know? if not, you could always make new friends elsewhere :) AND your not alone! You shouldn't try to impress others too, be yourself yeh? :>

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