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music downloading app for my laptop (free)?

I got a new laptop and I love downloading music to my phone and ipod can anyone help me decide on a great (free) (legal) site to download music or install into my laptop? please help thank you

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    Although this is not the answer you are hoping for I hope you understand my reasons for it! You can certainly download free music off the internet but it may come at a risk. I used to download free music but ended up with a virus on more than one occasion.

    I now download all my music from Iomoio. It’s 100% safe to use and has all the latest artists and a back catalogue of over 3 million songs – you can search by charts or by artist. Each song only costs 15¢ so it’s still a massive saving over itunes. They also offer sign up bonuses up to 100% so each track only costs 8¢ They even offer you two free songs so you can try it out.

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    i like rhapsody 10 bucks a month u can play any music u want, u can make playlist and take then on ur phone with the mobile app on app store and android.

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    the only free legal like sites are like there is SOME free music, but just like itunes/spotify if you want it free and legal you gotta pay a service fee.

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