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Adopting a Red Fox questions?

Ive loved foxes, especially red foxes, for a very long time. I just have a few questions about them if anyone has any history of owning an exotic pet, you may very well know that there is special care that needs to be taken into consideration when owning that special animal.

Can it be an indoor pet?

Can it eat normal dog/cat food?

is it safe around other people?

can it be walked?

are they faithful/loveable just as a dog or a cat would be?

any other information?

thanks :]

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    Can it be an indoor pet?

    Kind of - they can be litter trained and allowed indoors, but they REQUIRE an outdoor enclosure with a secure roof and bottom at least 10 x 10 x 6 in size. They are happiest outside and should be allowed outside often, but they can come inside for a few hours a day. It's good to have an enclosed yard so that they can run around outside their enclosure.

    Can it eat normal dog/cat food?

    Chicken based dog food is the staple diet. Cat food isn't very good for them. However, they should be fed high quality food as low quality food can cause a lot of problems. Their diet also must be supplemented with vegetables, fruits and other proteins like eggs and chicken.

    is it safe around other people?

    That depends on how you treat it. If you don't socialize it properly, they will not like people. My girl tolerates others but I am the only person she allows to hold her.

    Most people do not take their foxes around other people though, because many people cannot tell the difference between mouthing (when a fox put their mouth on you to show affection) and actual biting. People have heard my girl screaming her head off when she sees me and assume she's scared when in fact she is overjoyed and running over to give me kisses.

    It's up to you really, but I personally do not bring my fox around people. Unless you're very comfortable with your fox, they are totally trusting of you and you're taking it around people who you know won't freak and call the police even if you have it legally, I would not introduce them to other people. Someone can just say that their fox bit you, even if they didn't, and the police will seize and destroy the foxes for rabies. So it's a good idea to have a good relationship with your neighbors and family. Fear and ignorance will get your fox killed if she bites anyone.

    can it be walked?

    Yes, if they are harness trained at a young age. See above though: I do not walk my girl anymore because I keep getting stopped and asked questions. I have had people cross the street and block my path as well as people pull up beside me as I'm walking and ask what it is.

    are they faithful/loveable just as a dog or a cat would be?

    Not really. If you want a cat or a dog, get a cat or a dog. Foxes are neither and you should not expect them to behave like a cat or a dog. This is what causes a lot of people to get rid of their foxes because they expect a lap dog and get an animal that could care less about them.

    You have to be willing to spend hours each day just being with your fox and getting them to trust you. Some foxes will bond to you right away while others you will have to earn their trust. And this is something you cannot predict. Foxes within the litter will have their own totally different personalities.

    Prepare for the worst behavior and hope for the best.

    Pleas remember to do plenty of research. Check to make sure they are even legal in your city, county and state. Research, research and research. Understand that these animals require a lot of time, money, and understanding that not everyone can provide.

    Source(s): I have a fox, and also these are great resources if you're seriously interested in getting a fox:
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    (( I think you need a permit to get most exotic pets, they cost 100$))

    I've never owned one, but i'll answer your questions the best i can :)

    1.Fox have scent glands and produce a strong skunk like small. If you intend to have a fox as an indoor pet you will want to have these gland removed by your vet.

    2.Foxes eat almost anything, just like dogs do. They prefer meat, but they will eat dog food if they find it.

    3. It depends on how you raise it, if it meets other people while being young, it shouldn't be that bad.

    4. Yes, before you adopt one, you should already have a collar

    5.yes :)

    You need to check your state and city/town laws before getting one though :)

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