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The Ultimate "Nerd" Test!?

Im going to ask you some questions that prooves if you are a "nerd" or not!

1. What Is Your Favorite Comic Book Charecter (Mine is Batman, but i also love The Hulk)

2. What Is Yout Favorite TV Shows (New Or Old) (Mine Is Tales From The Crypt and Monday Night RAW)

3. What Is Your Favorite Movies (New Or Old) (Mine Is Star Wars Franchise, Terminator 2, The Dark Knight, Ghostbusters, And King Kong 1933)

4. What Is Your Favorite Wrestling Match (New Or Old) (Some Of Mine Are Mankind vs Undertaker Hell in A Cell, Undertaker vs Shawn Micheals Wrestlemania 25, and TLC Summerslam 2000)

5. Who Is Your Favorite James Bond (Mine Is A Tie Between Roger Moore and Peirce Brosnan)

6. What Are Your Favorite Books To Read (Mine Has Too Be The Goosebumps Series Cause Of The Campy-ness)

7. What Is Your Favorite Video Game Console Ever (Mine Has To Be PS3, Sega Gennesis, and SNES)

8. What Is Your Favorite Video Game (New Or Old) (Mine Is GTA IV, Batman Arkham Aslyum, Batman Arkham City, Super Smash Bros. Franchise, and Mortal Kombat 9)

9. Who Is Your Favorite Wrestlers (New Or Old) (Mine Are Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Undertaker, The Rock and Kurt Angle)

10. Pepsi Or Coke (Ok this isnt really a nerd question :P but i just have to know) (PEPSI FTW)

Thank you for your time, hope you have fun and check me out on YouTube (Account Name Is ChadTheWrestleManiac)


You would actually be surprised how many "nerds" (like myself) are huge fans of wrestling... so dont diss just sayin, that i and millions of other nerds love pro wrestling! you dont like dont answer! Just tryung to have fun

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Batman Gangland and 1000 ways to die. Shooter, gran torino, paranormal activity, and scream. Don't watch wrestling. Casino royale and quantum of solace. Hunger game books. Ps3. Red dead redemption, mw3, bully, an gta iv. Coke all the f***** way

    Source(s): Experience
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  • melita
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    Ultimate Nerd Test

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  • Adrian
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    Fave comic book character - Spiderman

    Fave TV show- I Love Lucy

    Fave Moives - Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Aliens, The Silence of the Lambs, Children of Men, The Sixth Sense...

    Fave wrestling match - not interested

    Fave James Bond - Sean Connery

    Fave Books - Laughs, Luck and Lucy

    Fave Video Game console - playstation 2

    Fave video Game - Ages of Empire

    Fave Wrestler - Not interested


    I don't think a nerd would be interested in wrestling.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    1. I don't read comics.

    2. I don't watch TV much.

    3. I don't watch many movies.

    4. I don't watch wrestling.

    5. I don't watch many movies.

    6. I read a lot of books, and I can't decide.

    7. A PC.

    8. Minecraft.

    9. I don't have a favorite wrestler.

    10. Coke.

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  • 8 years ago

    1. Batman, lol.

    2. Friends, The Office, Chelsea Lately.

    3. Star Wars, Indie films, Howl (with James Franco in it)

    4. Not really a fan of wrestling.

    5. Sean Connery - hands down.

    6. The Bell Jar, Hunger Games, etc.

    7. PS3, Nintendo 64, and Gameboy Color.

    8. Super Smash Bros, Pokemon, Marvel games, did I mention Pokemon?

    9. Not really a fan of wrestling.

    10. Pepsi.

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  • 8 years ago


    2: The Twilight Zone

    3: The Amazing Spider-man (2012)

    4: I HATE wresteling

    5: I don't really care for James Bond

    6: The Mysterious Benedict Society

    7: Gamecube

    8: Spider-man 2 (Gamecube)

    9: As i said before, I HATE wrestling

    10: Idk. I don't really like them both. But i would have to say Coke

    Source(s): Just workin with what you give me bro
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Pepsi is nasty.

    I put a curse on you.

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  • Junior
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    1. Batman

    2. Arrested Development

    3. Taxi Driver, The Dark Knight

    4. Wrestling (especially fake wrestling) is lame

    5. Daniel Craig, Sean Connery

    6. LOTR

    7. N64

    8. GTA: San Andreas

    9. Again, fake wrestling is about the lamest thing I can think of.

    10. Soda is responsible for America's obesity problem.

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