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Inspirational Football Stories?

Give me a link to a story of a story that's inspirational like Eric LeGrand of Rutgers. I would also like a story about how everyone said a certain team couldn't do something but did it. (Kinda like how the Cardinals won the World Series when no one believed and then they did kinda story but with football).

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    My inspirational football story of 2011 has to be Andrea Marsh becoming the first female defensive back to be recruited to play for a college football program:

    This really inspired me to continue on here, giving out positive and encouraging answers, when I wanted to quit Yahoo! Answers in late September (when I had just a little over 1500 Best Answers, and was #9 on the Leaderboard). If not for that story, I would have never come close to passing Lil Tsunami for #3 on the Leaderboard for this section, let alone by the end of 2011.

    Source(s): This is the official beginning of the next step in the movement of females playing football :)
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    Look up Freddy Jackson, a D3 running back who didn't start in high school then ended up being the leagues highest rusher until he got hurt

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    Michael Oher of Ravnes

    Packers last year 2011, winning the super bowl with lots of injuries.

    Tim Tebow of Broncos

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    There once was a man from China

    All he wanted was some eye 'lina'

    Although he was good in school

    He wasn't very cool

    And I was forced to dump him in the pool

    And I'll kick off his hat

    With some Mortal Kombat

    And he won't have anything to say about that

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    its a very nice story, apparently based on a story about Mark and Bill from the book Chicken Soup for the soul. although, i can't confirm this as i haven't read the book myself.

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