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Give me as much detail about the name Maria as you can. Do you like it?

Here is some help im looking for:

Is it common?( In England + America?)

What does it mean?

Where does it come from?

Is it pretty too you?

Nicknames for it?

Could it be a nickname for a longer name?

What type of job would you say somone had with this name?

What age group?

Hair color?


Place of Origin?

+ Additional Info

Rikkie x

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    ♥ Is it common (In England + America?) - Well since i live in Australia, and i've never met anyone named Maria, i d't really know. But i bet it is somewhat popular, not as popular as Rachel or Emma or Sophie but more common the Quin and Arielle etc.

    ♣ What does it mean? It is of Latin origin and means 'star of the sea'. It's a variant of Mary.

    ☼ Where does it come from? It's of Latin origin, but, it may as well be Egyptian and the Romian variant of 'Marius'. It;s really popular in many countries

    ☻Is it pretty too you? Yes, i've always thought it was a beautiful name, not too common (thankfully). It's beautiful and elegant :)

    ☺Nicknames for it? Mary, Mo, Ria, Ram (LOL), Mare (LOL again), Aria, Ari, Romi, Ira, Aira......

    ↨ Could it be a nickname for a longer name? Yes, Marianna, Marina, Marissa, Maribella, Mariah, Marietta, Moriah (LOVE the name Moriah -.-)

    ♥ What type of job would you say someone had with this name? Any, from a doctor, to a musician, to an artist, actress, lawyer, the name is simply so 'diverse' to me (if that makes sense) i can imagine a politician named Maria and a maid named Maria

    ♣ What age group? This is one of the few names which fit every age group. Cute for babies and children. Prettty for teenagers. Sophisticated and professoinal for adults. And plain old beautiful for 'the older generation' -.-

    ☼ Hair colour? I'd say dark brown

    ☺Eyes? Blue, brown or hazel

    ☻Place of Origin? English, or South American

    ♣ Additional info. Umm....It was used in 'A West Side Story' Very very popular name in the olden days. Queens, princesses, royalty, used the name A LOT.

    Hope I helped!

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    It's pretty popular, ranked 86 in the US and 91 in England

    It means either "sea of bitterness," "rebelliousness," or could have been derived from the Egyptian for "beloved."

    Maria is a version of Mary, like the Virgin Mary.

    I think it's a beautiful name, I babysat a little girl named this and she is now a wonderful teenager.

    "Ria" or something about her personality would be a good nickname.

    It could be a nickname I suppose, but it's much better on it's own

    I can imagine anything from a devoted doctor to a loving mother.

    This name can really go from a child to adult seamlessly

    The Maria I know best has blonde hair/blue eyes, but in general I imagine dark features

    I think of Italian, Spanish, Greek, or Hispanic origin. Or a beautiful mix of those.

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    Ok here we go, I don't think the name is terribly common, you don't here it as often and Jessica, Amy, Molly, Megan etc.. But you do here it sometimes.

    Maria in Latin means star of the sea. Maria originated from the English name Mary.

    I think it sounds really pretty, girly and sweet. Nicknames for Maria could be, Mia, Mari/Mary, Ria.

    I'm pretty sure it's not short for anything, someone with this name could be a councilor, physcologist, anything in medical. or at least thats how i see it :)

    It's hard to say what age group, because it could be an adults name, or a babies name.

    Hair color would be brown, eyes could be green or brown. Place of origin- Spain/South America.

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    Is it common?( In England + America?) Somewhat

    What does it mean? there are a lot of definitions, one is rebellion

    Where does it come from? It is Spanish

    Is it pretty too you? yes, I like it <3

    Nicknames for it? Mary, May/Mae, Em, Marie.

    Could it be a nickname for a longer name? It could be a nickname for Marianne (which I think is also a very cute name <3)

    Hair color? Brown or Black

    Eyes? probly brown

    Place of Origin? U.S. or maybe a spanish speaking country.

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