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Lily asked in Beauty & StyleMakeup · 8 years ago

Good mineral makeup besides bare minerals?

i tried bare minerals i got the starter kit and the matte foundation and oil control primer and it worked like crap didnt look natural after like 30 minutes by face got super greasy becuase it didnt conrol oil at all and it didnt conceal ANY of my acne at all and the primer absolutely sucked because you couldnt put makeup on over it without it toally caking up so dont recomend bare minerals......ive been looking at other ones like nude by nature and stuff but all of it seems the same also dont recomend the mayballine ones they sucked even worse.....i have oil blemish prone skin and even though i take super good care of it its still really bad and i read how you can be doing all the right things but wearing the wrong makeup can just mess everything up so anyone know about mineral makeup thats good for your skin?

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    8 years ago
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    Bare Minerals is the worst mineral brand on the market. The only reason so many recommend it is because it is the only that they have heard of and they'll go with anything that sounds popular... they go for that over actual quality. Anyway there are superior brands out there that actually offer natural looking/feeling, flawless full coverage that doesn't cake, oxidize or break you out as bare minerals and there is a routine to keep fresh a.. day. I'm oily, acne prone and this works for me:

    1) Start morning off with cleansing and toning with something gentle for oily skin. Next apply a good matte moisturizer. Pure aloe vera gel works exceptionally well. It's natural, soothing, cheaper than the cheapest drugstore moisturizer while rebalancing oily skin, hydrating and leaving a healthy matte, never over dried finish which is ideal underneath makeup.

    2) Apply a makeup spray. This will keep makeup in place all day and to an extent control oil. The best that work for oily, acne prone skin are:

    Skindinavia No More Shine

    Motives No More Shine

    Etude House Dr Oil Solution Shine Free Mist

    Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Sealer

    Kryolan Fixier

    Premiere Products inc Blue or Green Marble Selrs

    These actually work unlike sprays from elf, model in a bottle, urban decay, mac, make up for ever, kat von d, mehron etc...

    3) After spray dries, apply a primer if you need to fill in lines/pores and create smooth canvas for makeup. Avoid bare minerals, laura mercier, lancome, hard candy, too faced, smashbox, urban decay, nars, benefit, loreal, pixi, napoleon perdis, sephora and ulta brands, mac, make up for ever, elf, and most mainstream ones. They're either heavy silicone or filled with oil. These will make you sweaty and break you out. You can use light silicone sprays but not heavy silicone primers. You can also use SILICA in primers, just not silicone. So the best primers for oily skin are:

    Illamasqua Matt

    Lorac Aqua-Prime

    Fyrinnae Velvet Silica Gel

    Larenim Invisipore

    4) If you apply foundation, you must make sure that it is oil free, free of talc and free of bismuth oxychloride. Also avoid oil in anything you put on your face unless its jojoba essence in a powder. Most cosmetics oils ruins staying power, lead to acne breakouts and oxidizing. Always read the ingredients for everything including concealer, blush, bronzer, luminizer etc... even if it claims to be matte because some lie and still add oil while some dewy products are waterbased. Anyway some of the best powder foundations that are flawless full noncakey coverage for oily skin are:

    buff'd cosmetics concealing

    everyday minerals matte base

    ella rose minerals day time magic for oily

    glominerals pressed base

    joppa full coverage

    lumiere cosmetics veena veil

    la minerals hollywood or valley girl

    lucy minerals oil control

    meow cosmetics flawless

    pur minerals 4-in-1 pressed base

    5) Set your face makeup with a good setting powder even if using powder foundation. A good one will give flawless airbrushed finish and further help control oil/sweat without caking or appearing ashy/ghastly. THese are the best:

    Physicians Formula Talc Free Mineral Wear Matte Veil

    Mattify! Cosmetics Ulta

    Tarte Micronized Clay Finishing Powder

    Jurlique Silk Finishing Powder (Rose, Citrus or Lavender)

    Meow Cosmetics Top Cat Finishing Powder

    Ere Perez Translucent Corn Pressed Powder

    L.A. Minerals Oil Control Powder

    Youngblood Minerals Mineral Rice Finishing Powder (Loose or Pressed forms available)

    Lucy Minerals Oil Control Finishing Powders (silica or calcium carbonate version)

    Monave Serecit Setting Powder, Translucent #04

    Everyday Minerals Finishing Dust or Everyday Minerals Kaolin Powder

    Lumiere Cosmetics Veena Veil or Silk Powder

    Buff'd Cosmetics Setting Powder

    Flawless Minerals Veil Finishing Powder

    Bella Faith cosmetics Pearl Silk Dust

    Bellissima Truco Minerale Matte Mineral Veil

    Eshiko Powder

    Ella Rose Minearls Oil Control Powder

    Face Front Cosmetics Helium HD Setting Powder

    Aubrey Nicole Rice Powder Veil or Oil Control Powder

    6) If you do your eye makeup and you have oily lids try: etude house waterproof 10 or lorac behind the scenes eyeshadow bases. they work the best with oily lids, better than crap mac pots or udpp. Layer eyeshadow well. If you wear eyeliner, stick to waterproof gel/cream or liquid as it'll outlast the best pencil. waterproof mascara. fill in your brows now if you regularly do.

    7) Reapply one of the sprays that I told you about and allow it to dry. You will get a healthy satiny glowy matte. Your makeup will remain fresh in place all day. No more retouching, reapplying, blotting, worrying about getting oily about oxidizing. No more worrying about makeup rubbing off or fading throughout anything during the day.

    I'm extremely oily and go from morning to night in a pretty hot/humid climate for much of the year without any problem. This also doesn't break me out and I'm very acne prone. Good luck.

    Source(s): years of experimenting with my extremely oily skin.
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  • sarber
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    3 years ago

    Bare Minerals Oil Control Primer

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  • Hi

    Mineral Hygienics is great for my skin. The matte they have stays on all day and doesn't settle in your pores like other brands. I have had family members and friends that have switched from mac and bare to Mineral Hygienics. If you go to there website they have a 45 day money back guarantee if you do not like it. But if you are looking for a good deal go to this website and leave an email there. I will give you a promo code to help you save on a starter kit.We have bundles too. I am going to be giving out samples soon and free homemade makeup rolls for your brushes real soon.. You can also go to the mineral makeup page and see the mineral chart. Hope you can visit and find something you really like.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    L A Minerals works great for me

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  • 6 years ago

    Ella Rose Minerals is the best if you are looking for organic, natural.

    ALL the ingredients are zero on the comedogenicity scale. (Comedogenicity is rated on a scale between 0-5, the lower the number the less likely that the ingredient used will clog your pores.)

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  • 8 years ago

    It is obvious that we should be extra conscious with our makeup stuffs. bare minerals can be hazardous to our skin if used without proper precautions, so please be careful and take proper advice of the experts. Personally it is my hearty advice that always use good minerals instead of the bare minerals. Thanks a lot for providing me this opportunity to answer me.

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  • 6 years ago

    I use L.A. Minerals for years, no problems.

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