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Forms to Apply For Dual Citizenship? (US & UK)?

I am a 17 year old US citizen. My dad is a US citizen. My mom was born in the UK and is a British citizen, but not a US citizen. We all live in the US. How do I go about applying for British citizenship, so that I would have dual citizenship. I can't seem to find who to call/see or what forms to fill out. Is it easier for me because I am a minor and my mom is a UK born citizen?

Also, my brother is 10 and is the same situation as me, so we would both be applying. Thanks! (10 points to best answer!)


I think I have found the website, but I can find a form that seems to apply to my brother and I.

Update 2:


Could someone please tell me if this is it?

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    If your mother was born in the UK, you and your little brother are already British citizens by descent. You can't find a form to apply for it because no such thing exists. British citizenship by descent

    All you need to prove your claim to British citizenship is your mother's birth certificate and you can apply for a British passport: Obtaining a British passport in the USA

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    Those forms don't apply to you

    Your mother could have gone to the time & expense of registering your births with the British Embassy as a formality but she may not have

    There are NO forms to apply for dual citizenship, either a person is eligible for citizenship or they are not - in the case of you & your brother, contact the British Embassy & ask them to confirm if you qualify for citizenship then send you copies of the application form for British passports

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    There is no form to apply for dual citizenship

    you either are or not

    You need a passport form

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