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Would I be a good model?

ANSWER!! Would I be a good Ford/runway/elite model?

Please be honest

It been my dream to be a model since I was 6 years old. I hoping you can tell me the requirements and if I would be a good model.


Im 13 (just turned a month ago)



I'm very active (dance,basketball,volleyball, track, and softball)

Blonde (a few inches past shoulders)NEVER DYED It)

Large blue eyes


High cheek bones


I read a lot of fashion magazines and I watch ALOT of modeling/fashion TV shows(fashion hunters,fashion police,Americas next top model, scouted, what not to wear, ect...)

I'm still growing!!

Ps-- details about Requirments?

I'm sorry no pics it wouldn't download!

I Will choose best answer so make ur answer good!!


No hate comments please!

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    You would be a great model!!!! As long as u are healthy and active you'll be accepted. But it's not that easy to start modeling....first u have to find a store u want to model for and ask about their requirements. Then u have to look around for modeling agencies....GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! :)

    Source(s): My sister is a model
  • 3 years ago

    How do fashions get the physique-shape they have?: you're born which includes your physique shape. once you're tall and skinny, you're tall and skinny. once you're pear-formed, apple-formed, hourglass-formed, that's the form you will constantly have. Have an astounding exercising consultation ordinary, and consume actual. do not improve an eating affliction, do not smoke. What food do they consume?: food pyramid, toddler! :D Balanced diets make healthful, beautiful babes. Haha. How lots to fashions get in line with coach?: relies upon on how super the coach is, what dressmaker, etcetera. Is being a type stable?: The industry is unquestionably tough; there is quite a few rigidity. they are constantly asserting, "Oh, drop pounds. benefit weight. supply up plucking your eyebrows lots." you understand, issues like that. And fashions are not any diverse from huge-unfold human beings. you understand, they don't seem to be certainly as incredibly as they look in magazines. photos are edited intently whilst they are taken, in simple terms approximately constantly, so as that the type looks appropriate. - might you opt to be type skinny?: i grew to become into born that way. it extremely is not that large. human beings ask if i'm anorexic. - Does smoking make you become type skinny? not each type smokes, and in no way think of that it extremely is a stable element to do. Smoking will turn your teeth and your nails yellow, you will age quicker, and you will die quicker. do not commence in case you have not yet. you have a bad, un-modelish stench to you, it sticks on your epidermis, in simple terms like the tar sticks on your lungs. do not die to be beautiful, i'm confident you already are. to quite answer the question, smoking does 'fill you up', a superb thank you to talk; you do not experience hungry afterwards, and so which you do not consume as lots. even though it extremely is quite not a healthful habit in any way.

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    8 years ago

    yes you probable would be just make sure before you go into it that you arnt scared to be in front of people and dang it lost my train of thought all well but i would get into it now so that you will have experience 13 is a good time to start cuz your boobs are coming in and you will fill out the clothes. make sure your sport life wont get in the way or else they could let you go and your modeling life will be over. train of thought came back DO NOT FIGHT WITH THE PEOPLE YOU WORK WITH YOU WILL DIE FROM THE DRAMA!

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    You have to look different to he a model , but yeahh you can be a model you've got what they need (runway model)

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    8 years ago

    pictures would be good, best to judge. Your body requirements sound right but some places require models to be over like 5"8, and over a certain age. It's best to find a reputable agency you can trust and check different places' requirements as there are different types of modeling. at 13 you could probably do mall ads, and commercials, and maybe runway modeling when you're older.

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    I cant judged just based on this

    But it also comes down to your attitude, whether u r photogenic or not, also whether you are a hardworking person.

    I suggest you try modelling when you turn 16 or 17

    Pictures would really help btw

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    8 years ago

    I'm not being a hater, but you're not going to walk into Victoria's Secret and walk away with a contract. Have you looked into your area for modeling agencies? DO NOT go to anything that requires a fee, etc. They are bogus.

    As far as your size, you sound tiny :)

    Keep working on your dreams & don't let anything stand in your way! Good Luck!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    i'd say yes.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You sound beautiful. Any modeling agency would be glad to have you. i cant wait to see the next top model being you. Keep up on this dream. Your so lucky to be that pretty.

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  • 8 years ago

    OMG! yes you would! Thats my dream too !!! we are like the exact same but i have brown hair and hazel eyes :)

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