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What are some tips for staying awake?!?

Looks like I'm pulling an allnighter, so immature be really tired. Today will be a day filled with family so I won't be able to take a nap. At noon the biggest basketball game of the year (uk vs ul) is on so I have to watchbit. How will I be able to stay awake if the I haven't slept since the.night of the 29th?!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    1. Drink a lot of coffee

    Although the short-term buzz you

    get from coffee is largely

    psychosomatic, the effect over

    several hours is undeniable. Caffeine

    is a stimulant drug, and coffee has it

    in abundance, far more so than tea

    or cola. Proper filter coffee is the

    strongest, and the nicest, but instant

    coffee still works; though personally

    I can’t stand instant coffee and

    would rather drink tea if real coffee

    isn’t available.

    Perhaps you could even consider

    investing in a real coffee machine.

    We have one here at SitePoint HQ,

    and it gets well used, for totes.

    2. Drink a lot of coffee!

    Just like "you do not talk about Fight

    Club", this tip is significant enough to

    mention twice. The risk of course is

    that caffeine addiction is recursive —

    it calls itself in a self-sustaining loop:

    you drink coffee to stay awake, but

    that stops you from sleeping

    properly; so the next day you’re

    tired, so you drink coffee to stay

    awake, but that … and so on!

    3. Eat properly, not just junk

    Good food is the gasoline that makes

    your engine go, and just as low-

    grade fuel gives diminished

    performance from your car, so poor

    food gives poor performance from

    your body and your brain. If you

    want to be firing on as many

    cylinders as possible, you need to

    eat decent regular meals, and drink

    plenty of fluids like water and fruit

    juice (as well as all that coffee!).

    What you don’t want to do is spend

    the whole day or night snacking on

    chips, chocolate and donuts (mmm

    … donuts), however tempting that

    may be. There’s no denying the

    instant gratification of a sugar-

    induced energy rush, but it doesn’t

    last, and doesn’t keep you going. It’ll

    also make you feel gradually more

    nauseous over time, so eat decent

    food.4. Avoid power naps

    Many people recommend power

    naps as a quick way of refreshing

    yourself, however I find they often

    have the opposite effect — either

    you wake up an hour later feeling

    groggy and just as tired as before,

    except you’ve wasted an hour; or,

    your body takes over and you end

    up sleeping for three or four hours,

    at which point you’d have been

    better off just going to bed.

    If you do start to feel like you "can’t

    keep your eyes open" then stand up,

    walk around, perhaps even go

    outside for a short stroll; get some

    fresh air and smoke a cigarette or

    whatever. Have another cup of

    coffee. That doze feeling will soon


    5. Get plenty of fresh air

    A hot, humid or stuffy atmosphere is

    a sure-fire way to send yourself to

    sleep. You need to stay alert, and

    circulating fresh air will help you to

    do that. Have a window open, and if

    it’s too cold put on extra layers

    rather than turning the heating up

    — cold air is much better for you to

    breathe and will help you stay


    Okay so that’s only four really, but

    the first one deserved both the top

    spots! I do however have one more

    tip that’s a little less self-evident:

    6. Allow yourself creative distractions

    You might think that distractions

    should be avoided at all costs, but I

    don’t reckon that’s necessarily true;

    what you want to avoid is unwanted

    distractions, but distractions

    themselves are not necessarily

    unwanted. This is where a lot of

    corporations, by having such strict

    content policies for personal internet

    use, are failing to see the bigger

    picture in the quest for greater


    Allowing yourself 20 minutes to

    snoop around Facebook, watch

    Neighbours, or whatever else it is

    that helps you to relax, you can find

    yourself invigorated and ready for

    the next few hours’ work. Unwinding

    like that for a short period of time

    can have a beneficial effect, by

    allowing you to shake things out of

    your mind, and then come back to

    them more objectively.

    There is a risk with any of these tips

    that the distraction can be too

    attractive, taking you away for work

    for far longer than you intended; but

    hey — that’s the chance you take

    when you push your body’s natural

    rhythms. A little discipline is always


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  • 4 years ago

    Your chocies: !) Get a espresso, sizzling tea, or vigor drink earlier than you pass to the category. two) Sit subsequent to the freshest lady within the magnificence. three) Read the portion of the publication earlier than you pass to the category. four) Pick an additional magnificence that you just curiosity in or professors which can be amusing. five) Sleep eariler the night time earlier than that. 6) Work on homework for an additional magnificence, given that you can not attention at the finding out besides. You would get your HW performed and you'll calm down. 7) Do slightly undertaking earlier than you pass to magnificence. (Ex: Push up, sit down up, run a mile, and so on...) eight) Bring a pc if professor enable, then sit down at the final row play video games or watch video for those who like. nine) Listen to IPod if enable. 10) Read a publication that you just like (Ex: comedian, magnize, textual content publication,and so on...) eleven) Make conversion to a neighbor, however make certain your neighbor is battle with the identical predicament so you do not distract him variety finding out. 12) Draw photo or do whatever that you just like, however make certain you do not distract different folks. If not one of the approaches paintings, I advocate you to get anyone mobile quantity within the magnificence (a couple of man or woman simply in case). Copy their notes, no longer HW after magnificence or for the period of your loose time so you will not omit the whole thing that the professors speak approximately. Usually it really works.

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  • 9 years ago

    Drink coffee (not too much) ; take any time you can to exercise ; listen to heavy metal music when you can

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    If u come sleep with me, ill never wanna sleep ;)

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  • 9 years ago

    Cofee, candy, water in your face, take a small nap, COLD bath, coke.

    and thats the best I got :)

    Source(s): Been there, done that.
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