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how will earth look like in next 200 years? will there be flying cars or spaceship?

I am really curious how will earth like like in next 200 hundred years.Think about last 200 hundreds years how technology and everything has changed our lives. will there be flying cars or space ? who know but i wish i would have been alive to see it.

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    I'm sorry, I thought you asked how EARTH would look, not how human technology would look. Those are completely different questions.

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    We'll be attempting to Terraform mars and will have humans on it.

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    Having millions of cars bringing home their drivers from bars sounds rather dangerous. Will their be space ships? Perhaps if we do not want China to take over the Moon, we may finally breath life back into the space program.

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    The 'flying cars' notion always struck me as interesting. Looking around, I have ample evidence that large amounts of the population are not fit to operate a comparatively simple surface vehicle, and indeed should have their cars destroyed at their own expense. The notion of giving the general populace aircraft is... daunting, to say the least.

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    If all goes on like this,the Earth would have a massive population of 256 Billion by the year 2150.Till then,the resources would be scarce,people would be dying,vanished ozone layer,high volume of Carbon dioxide in the air.....................BUT,if people start living on Mars,that's something else!

    It is possible...and it will be...someday...

    Source(s): Me and Wikipedia.
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    avoid dying for two centuries and find out

    may people live for 100 years today

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    The earth will look almost the same, just more people on it and less resources like water. But we already have flying spaceships. Cars will never fly. It would be like letting every dumbass fly a air plane.

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    No, we will be spared the folly of human stupidity, as exemplified on the roads, taking to the skies. I think that "spaceships" have been relegated to the history archives of sci-fi.

    The best way to predict the future is to examine the current trends, learn from history, and look for "brick walls" to progress.

    Without doubt the most progressive technology in the world today is the field of computers. On all measures computer technology follows Moore's law, and doubles or triples every two years.

    What does that imply?

    The processing of early computers the size of a house can today be performed in apps on hand held ipads. It is fair to expect that the processing of today's largest computers will also be available on hand held devices in the near future. Researchers can already use a supercomputer to simulate a small part of a human brain. It is easy to extrapolate that whole brain simulations will be possible in just three decades. A few decades after that, whole brain simulations will be possible on hand held devices. Put one in an ambulating machine and you have a robot. Not just a silly clumsy robot like something out of sci-fi. This is a robot that is indistinguishable from humans. The age of personal robots will have arrived.

    Expect these personal robots to be found everywhere. Just as today's personal computers are found everywhere. These personal robots will run our factories, work our farms, run our governments and be butlers, cooks, child minders and gardeners in our homes. Look forward to the first robot being elected president of the united states in about a century!

    The amazing thing is that none of this required new science. None of it breaks any of the known laws of physics. Technology just needs to keep advancing at it's current rate for us to have conscious, sentient, self-aware robots to compete with.

    Meanwhile propulsion is up against a brick wall. ftl travel requires the laws of physics to be blatantly broken. Levitation requires our science and everything we have learned over the centuries to be wrong. Unlikely is an understatement. The best indications are that we now have about as much fundamental science as there is to get:

    Meanwhile technology is in it's infancy.

    Finally, mind uploading means that humans will forsake a meat based existence and have immortal robotic bodies. Of course a small percentage of luddites will still live as we live today, but that is their choice. The rest of us will enjoy an immortal existence in far superior robotic bodies and minds that have been expanded several orders of magnitude. Finally we may be able to comprehend the nature of the universe.



    Ho Ho, "Dusty" got it spot on in one sentence. It took me several paragraphs to explain!


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