How do I upload ebooks I have downloaded on my computer to my Kobo ereader?

I downloaded a couple ebooks for free off a website, they're pdf format, and they're saved on my computer. I've tried different ways of adding them to my new Kobo touch ereader but no sucess. Help?

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    8 years ago
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    When you got your kobo it should have come with a cable that connects both to the computer and the kobo. You also should have downloaded the kobo software for your computer. You should have already done the setup which includes plugging in the kobo to the computer syncing it and creating a kobo account. Now it depends where you got these PDFs from but if you supplied them an email address check for an email from them and follow the steps in the email. If you didn't try syncing your kobo and see if it automatically detects them and adds them to your library. Again if that didn't work I would try to see if the kobo store has the eBooks you are looking for otherwise I would contact the kobo company for support on this website .

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  • 4 years ago

    No disrespect meant, but maybe you should consider just spending your money on a product an author worked hard on. It's no different that walking right into the bookstore and stealing books right off the shelves. Books are the product of an industry, and as such, cost money to produce.

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