What constructive measures can Phuket take to rid itself of scams and corruption that plagues tourism?

This Phuket news article asserts that 2012 will be a pivotal year in which Phuket needs to address issues such as, "scams of jet-ski operators, the extortionate and thuggish behavior of tuk-tuk and taxi drivers, corruption in law-enforcement agencies and the ''see no evil'' approach of some local officials."

Any ideas regarding how to save tourism and still inform tourists of the dangers involved?


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  • 9 years ago
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    I would disagree with the previous answer that you have to accept everything. That's how corruption flourishes.

    Thailand, especially anything concerning tourism, seems to operate on the model of things deteriorating until it becomes such a huge crisis or gets put into the world media spotlight. The jet ski scam has been going on for years. Everybody knows about it. But until it ended up on a UK television program (including a gun being pulled by the jet ski scammers) everybody pretended they were completely unaware of the problem.

    Even with all of this heat, all that happened was a requirement that the jet ski operators have insurance so insurance would pay for these supposed damages. That lasted about six months until things cooled down and the scam is up and running again.

    Or, look at BKK's top cop who claimed he was unaware of any illegal casinos in Bangkok. Then Chuvit produced video and threatened to name the names of the cops getting paid off and they waited a convenient four days and raided an empty casino.

    Things will only change when enough tourists get scared off. Part of the problem is that there are constructive solutions but they have 0 chance of being implemented. There's too much money to be made from corruption.

    If you want to solve the problem, go elsewhere. Vote with your wallet. If enough people get fed up with the scams and such it'll hurt the local economy and force the locals (Thai and farang business owners) to act.

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    9 years ago

    The only way would be to move all the Thai people off the island.

    While the Thais continue to perceive all westerners as rich and having unlimited funds these activities will continue. Westerners have what Thais need - money.

    Perceptions by Thais and westerners of each other are uninformed and contribute to ongoing problems. Not every westerner is rich and can afford to throw around money and not every Thai is corrupt and trying to take advantage of a foreigner

    Try to respect the Thais and their culture and maybe you won't get ripped off. Tourists often don't do this which is why Thais resent them.

    Article 112 is correct about westerners who come to Thailand expecting things to work as they do in their home countries. Thailand is as different from western countries as chalk from cheese.This attitude is disrespectful to Thais.

    Perhaps corruption does underlie Thai culture but once in Thailand westerners should try to understand why this is so, and keep quiet about it rather than condemning it outright.

    I have never been ripped off by a Thai to whom I have smiled and treated with respect.

    Perhaps the answer lies in trying to understand each other better.

    Article 112 jai yen yen.

  • 9 years ago

    Corruption is endemic in the culture. Scammers will operate with bought police protection. Honest business doesn't make as much so you won't get rid of the scams.

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