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How to make sams club whipped frosting for the cakes?

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    The whipped topping used by in store bakeries is usually either, Bettercreme...made by Rich's, and here is a link showing how to use it:

    or________________Pastry Pride, and here is a link showing it: 4000000&eCat=BD_823|9897|100

    These toppings are whipped and used. There is no recipe for them. These products are made with a lot of emulsifiers and preservatives which have to be monitored carefully to be safe. A lot of the products used in these frostings are not available for the general public.

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    I do have a recipe for a whipped topping which I use a lot at home. I think it is very comparable to the whipped toppings used by the supermarkets and without all of the additives which are not good for you.


    1/2 cup boiling water

    3/4 cup granulated sugar

    1 Tablespoon. Meringue Powder

    Dissolve sugar in boiling water, cool completely. Add meringue powder and beat until meringue clings to the beaters, Set aside. In another bowl blend together and then beat for 10 minutes the following ingredients.

    2 cups cake & icing shortening or 1 cup cake & icing shortening and 1 cup margarine

    1 1/2 tsp flavoring

    1 pound powdered sugar

    1/2 tsp. salt

    When all fluffy, add 1/2 of first mixture and beat well. Add remainder of meringue and mix well.

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    Here's a very good whipped cream frosting...

    Chill a carton of heavy whipping cream in your refrigerator along with a small bottle of vanilla flavoring, several hours or overnight. Get a large stainless steel mixing bowl and the hand mixer beaters, place the beaters into the mixing bowl and put this in your freezer at least 30 minutes before you're ready to make the frosting. When chilled, beat 1 cup of heavy whippping cream and 1/2 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract and 1 tablespoon of granulated white sugar in the chilled stainless steel mixing bowl with your portable electric hand mixer until stiff peaks form. Begin on a low speed of your mixer and then a medium speed, and finally a high speed. If the vanilla extract is chilled and cold, add it to the cream when you're ready to beat the cream. Once you get some volume in the cream, begin sifting the sugar into the cream. Continue until the cream is well whipped.

    This makes about 2 cups of whipped cream frosting.

    Be sure to purchase the very best brand of whipped cream that is available in the Dairy Case. Check the expiration date to get the freshest cream.

    The mixing bowl and beaters must be thoroughly chilled. A stainless steel is preferable over a glass mixing bowl.

    The whipped cream will hold up and last 2 to 3 hours in the refrigerator, and at room temperature... not sure.

    If you're going to frost a cake with the whipped cream, then chill the cake in the refrigerator also; about 45 minutes to an hour.

    This whipped cream can be used for placing a dallop on your Strawberry Shortcake, in your Hot Chocolate, or to frost a whole cake. Or as the topping to a Bannah Cream Pie.

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    Sams Club Cakes

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    Most grocery store bakeries buy their frosting in a bucket. Rich's bakery products makes some good ones.

    So do other food service companies that grocery store bakeries buy from.

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