♂ WDYT of these boy names?

I am not pregnant, I just love names.

-- Benjamin Scott "Ben"

-- Charles Dominic "Charlie"

-- Dominic James "Dom"

-- James Dillon "James"

-- Jonathan Kevin "Jon"

-- Matthew James "Matt"

-- Robert Matthew "Rob"

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    ¤ Benjamin Scott "Ben" ~ Even through I'm not into common names that much, I love the name Benjamin. I find it to be very masculine and strong, and gives several nickname possibilities (though I love "Ben" the most). My only issue is that Scott is one-syllable and doesn't flow all that well with the first name. Though, it is completely tolerable!

    ¤ Charles Dominic "Charlie" ~ I find the name Charles to be a little dated, and with Charlie becoming popular as a first name rather than a middle, I tend to like that more. I love the name Dominic, and Dominic Charles would be a lovely alternative!

    ¤ Dominic James "Dom" ~Thank you for not using the nickname DJ! Like I've said before, I love the name Dominic and "Dom" is adorable. James, although a popular middle name, is a great choice and flows nicely with the first name.

    ¤ James Dillon "James" ~ Although I like the name James, I prefer it as a middle name. Dillon James is much more to my liking! Though I tend to prefer the spelling "Dylan". Dillon reminds me of Dill Pickles from Rugrats, of pickles in general! But if you like James as a first name, a nickname could be "Jay." I mean, the nickname is used for Jason, so it should work for James too.

    ¤ Jonathan Kevin "Jon" ~ I love the name Jonathan! I have a friend named this, only he spells it Jonathon, with an "o". But I like the original spelling better. Besides Jon, another nickname possibility could be "Johnny". I'm not a fan of Kevin as the middle name, though. Since both names end in "n", they don't flow as well as they could. Jonathan Michael is a great alternative.

    ¤ Matthew James "Matt" ~ I love Matthew as a first name! As a middle name it's great too, but it doesn't seem to be used as a first name too much anymore. Shame... James is a fitting middle name. They are both equally traditional names that are masculine and age-well. I know a Matthew who went by "Matty" when he was younger. I have a problem with that, though, because my sister, Madison, is occasionally called "Maddie".

    ¤ Robert Matthew "Rob" ~ There's something about Robert that I'm not a fan of. I adore the nickname "Rob", but not the full name. Hmm...The name flows though, which is a plus! I think Matthew Robert is a great choice, too, but whatever suits your fancy!

    My favorite : Dominic James "Dom"

    My least favorite : Robert Matthew "Rob"


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    All very old-fashioned sounding (which isn't a bad thing)!

    Benjamin Scott "Ben" - Sounds nice.

    Charles Dominic "Charlie" - This combo flows well, i like it.

    Dominic James "Dom" - This one seems to clash a bit, and i'm not a huge fan of the nickname Dom.

    James Dillon "James" - Not to fond of this one, i think it would sound better as Dillon James.

    Jonathan Kevin "Jon" - I don't like Kevin as the middle name for this, but i do love Jonathan.

    Matthew James "Matt" - Very nice, flows well, i like it.

    Robert Matthew "Rob" - I also like this one, nice and simple, but still sounds great.

    All nice names, but Charles Dominic is probably my favorite!

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    9 years ago

    Dominic James

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    I don't really like any of these names, but i will rate them and tell you why (:

    Benjamin Scott (Ben)- 3/10 I have never really liked this name, benji sounds like a dog and Ben sounds like a man in his 30's, i just can't imagine naming a young child that. Scott sounds nice.

    Charles Dominic (Charlie) 3/10 This name is a bit too boring for my taste, Charles just doesn't have life in it and i believe that every name should have some kind of life in it. Charlie isn't the best nick name, but my little brothers kind of ruined that name for me because of Good Luck Charlie. Dominic isn't my style, i don't know what it is about that name, i just don't like it.

    James Dillon 6/10 James is a nice, masculine name and i do like it, however i can't imagine a young boy called James. I LOVE Dillon but i like Dylan better (:

    Jonathan Kevin 8/10 LOVE both names, but they don't flow very well together. And i don't like Jon as a nick name, how about Nathan, Nate, Jo, or Nat ?

    Matthew James, 5/10 too predictable and filler.

    Robert Matthew 1/10 I don't like Robert at all, i don't see any kind of cuteness in that name, Matthew is a good name, just something about it doesn't fit well with Robert.

    If that is your little boy in the picture, he is ADORABLE ! <3

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    9 years ago

    Well, first, skip the nicknames.

    Benajmin Scott-it works but its boring

    Charles Dominic-very elegant

    Dominic James-a captain of industry, a successful sounding name

    James Dillon-a rebel

    Jonathan Kevin-bland, boring, not the best flow

    Matthew James-common

    Robert Matthew-not bad but nothing special

  • 9 years ago

    Benjamin Scott

    Jonathan Kevin

    Robert Benjamin

  • 4 years ago

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  • I love Robert Matthew!

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    9 years ago

    I <3 the names James and Jonathan.

    So both of those xD

  • 9 years ago

    I love Dominic James, I like the spelling Dominick better I really don't know why though. I really like most of the names on your list though!

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