I bought the o2 blackberry bolt on but havn't got anything?

I rang the o2 bolt on service yesterday around 7:30 and I confirmed that I wanted to purchase the blackberry text and web bolt on and I have £13 on my phone but they haven't charged me? And its been over 24 hours and I haven't got it? What's going on? And with the text and web bolt on do I get to use bbm? And if its just being slow when should I be getting it? Thanks for the answers I'm just really confused! :):):):):)

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  • 8 years ago
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    It will be activated as soon as the £5 has been removed, it may be a little slower as 1000s of people will of got blackberrys for Christmas and are doing the same thing as you. It should be working by the time you wake up, if not wait until this evening and then call customer services.

    Blackberry bolt on enables you to use all the Blackberry apps including BBM, Facebook, Twitter etc.

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