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GUYS do you prefer blonde or brunettes?

Ok, so I'm a little curious, I'm naturally blonde with blue eyes, but lots of guys say they prefer blondes for hook ups and brunets for long term as there more stable, but in my friend group, its the opposite, I'm smart and into little summer dresses, and I live in my jeans and cowboy boots, but my friend who's a brunette is totally wild and will happily go out clubbing all the time in a bar and tiny skirt and is kinda dumb, We don't go out together as she moved away, we both get plenty of attention but form different types of guys, so I'm just wondering, do guys actually prefer brunettes, or is it the overall persona of the person? ( I don't mean when you get to know them, I mean when you first see them, are you still going to go for the brunette for a long term relationship if she is the more provocatively dressed one, just curious)


We are polar opposites, she's got dark skin dark hair and dark eyes, and is about 5'7 and I've got blonde hair, blue eyes and very pale skin and I'm about 5'5

Update 2:

its not that I don't like being me, i am happy, i was just curious because of so many stereotypes, I HATE being called dumb simply because of my hair colour, i always go for a natural look and yet my friend dresses slutty and wears loads of make-up, but because of her hair colour, this makes her smart and more attractive, I was just wondering weather guys actually though like that, or if too is just a stereotype, and its annoying to find a few of the guys saying they actually think blonde are dumb, I don't get it, can someone explain why???

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    Shatter all of those supposed to be and stereotypes.

    The color of hair that grows out of a person's hair has nothing to do with whether a guy marrys her or dates her or whatever, its because of her personality and overall look not just the hair color.

    My boyfriend loves my brown hair and prefers brunettes but it isn't the reason we started going out.

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    Oh I absolutely love a brunette girl. She's tall and attractive and kind, it's a shame that I don't have the courage to ask her out.

    Sometimes I prefer girls with black hair over ones with lighter hair, but this is not a general phrase. It is entirely dependent on the person, and no I don't think blond is dumb! Please respect yourself above everything else!

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    The blonde will catch my eye first if everything else

    seems equal. I find slutty clothes a turn off in public.

    They are fine if it's just me and you alone.

    It's the personality and how we get along and how

    into me I think you are that makes you a keeper or

    not. You sound pretty perfect to me.



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    sorry im a girl. lol im a brunette with brown eyes... lol honestly though it depends on the guy. when you say blond people automatically think idiots. so maybe thats why. but then when people describe the perfect girl they say blond hair blue eyes. so it doesnt matter. blonds are pretty i think and alot are ditsy but its just a steretype. i enjoy being brunette though

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    It varies between guys. Personally i don't care either way. The personality and general looks are more important. Anyone who stereotypes like that is just immature.

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    Brown would really suite you in our opinion. It looks really pretty as well as it has a style that's truly noticeable. You'd look good with that.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It isn't that big a deal for me but if I had to choose I'd probably choose brunette.

  • 3 years ago

    The reason why is everyone with blond, why aren't you just have jet black tresses with some blonde or blonde tresses with some jet black hair. Today you don't have to choose.

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    blonde with blue eyes is my type. as long as you aren't fake and barbielike

  • Sekka
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    8 years ago

    Brunettes, just my opinion.

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