S.W.A.T, Task Force, Or HRT?

I am interested in law enforcement and have plenty of questions about all of these divisions. What is the Difference between Swat team, Task force and FBI Swat (HRT)? and i know what swat is first of all but im a little confused on Task force. What is it? Also what are the education requirements for Task force and HRT, I know the requirements for basic swat. How would i go about becoming a member of the task force unit or HRT? and also i know after about 4 years as a cop you get paid around 84,000$ in Seattle, WA which is where i want to work my job and i was wondering which one of these pays the highest annual salary? and does swat pay more then a regular cop or is it the exact same amount? I appreciate any answers to my questions. thank you

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    The term Task Force is just a fancy name for a team. Task forces in law enforcement will have a wide range of duties depending on what the mission assigned to them is. My department has an "interagency task force" which does mostly drug work, but some prostitution and fugitive hunting too.

    HRT on the FBI will require you to get hired as an agent first. The best way to become an agent is to get an accounting degree. A BA is the minimum and Masters is preferred. Then you will need several years of work experience in the area you choose. Also learn a foreign language, the highest in demand are Arabic, Farsi, Pashtu, Urdu, Chinese [all dialects], Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Military and law enforcement backgrounds are also a plus. Understand that most FBI jobs are cubical based analyst type jobs and not very active. Military Special Forces is highly sought after for HRT. Once you have been hired as an agent you have to apply internally.

    http://www.fbijobs.gov/116.asp#4 This web site will give you the details for the HRT.

    http://www.opm.gov/oca/06tables/pdf/gs.pdf Here is the GS pay scale. Agents in training start at 10 and work their way up.

    Most SWAT teams don't pay extra and it is a collateral duty meaning you do it along with patrol work. The PD will likely have overtime opportunities so your earning can vary.

    Source(s): 12 years police
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