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Associated Content to Yahoo Contributor?

Okay, so I used to write all the time, about a couple years ago, and suddenly got the itch to write up some article. I found that Yahoo took over associated content.

Now, how do I login if my old email was an aol email and now you need a yahoo one. I cant figure out how to login to my account, but I can see it if i search my name, so everything definitely didnt get deleted.

Thanks for your time and help!!

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    I'm the community manager for Yahoo! Contributor Network, so I can help you out.

    You'll need to start by linking your existing account (the one you signed into with your aol email address) to a Yahoo! ID.

    Follow these steps:

    1) Go to

    2) Sign in to the Yahoo! ID you want to link to your account.

    3) Instead of filling out the fields to create a new account, click the link for people who already have accounts at the bottom of the page.

    4) Enter your address and original password.

    5) Confirm the connection of your old account to your Yahoo! ID.

    Once complete, you'll use your Yahoo! ID to sign in in the future.

    If you have additional questions or any problems, please contact us here:

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