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What are some sad/epic instrumental piano songs?


Does anybody know any epic sad piano instrumental songs? It's okay if they have a violin or something else in the background.

Preferably like "Hometown Glory" by Adele. Something similar to that.

Thank You

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    Check out Philip Glass

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    Epic Instrumental Songs

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    If you want "Romantic" or "sad" piano music, many of Chopin's pieces would fit. Some really famous ones are the Ballade in G minor, the Funeral March in the second sonata, and Nocturne in C# minor. Honestly, though, I think Chopin wears a little thin over time- it's too sappy for me. When you say a "few" of Beethoven's sonatas, have you listened to all the movements? You need to, and then I would dig into more of his sonatas. The late Schubert ones are wonderful too (the slow movements of the A major and B-flat major sonatas are gorgeous, though as a whole I think I like the C minor the best). Most of the great Romantic composers (Schubert, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Schumann, Brahms) wrote wonderful piano solos. I remember liking Mendelssohn's Songs Without Words a lot when I first heard them, and you should recognize some of Schumann's children's music. Don't listen to Yiruma. Please.

  • First of all, this is the classical music category of yahoo answers, and songs wouldn't be best suited in this category.

    Second of all, nobody is going to want to give you their honest opinion on songs in this category- only famous compositions and pieces.

    Third and foremost, people have different perceptions on which pieces and even songs are sad and epic, so it's kind of weird that you're asking a question that phrases what are some sad or epic songs rather than what are some sad and epic songs in your opinion. I personally think the revolutionary etude by Chopin is epic, but that's just me.

    Best regards.

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    Your question landed in the classical section!

    I've run across a few instrumental pop pieces, probably more 'alternate' (new-age-ish?) That I thought pretty highly of.

    Nils Frahm ~ Tristana (piano, harmonium, bells, subtle drumming - very nice.)

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail


    Ralf Hildenbeutel ~ Be Here Adagio 1 (Piano, string quartet, glockenspiel or celeste)

    Youtube thumbnail

    And technicallhy classical, you might like

    Pavel Karmanov ~ 7' before Christmas, with its taped sound and instruments.

    Youtube thumbnail

    You might like violinist Joshua Bell and friends playing "Short Trip Home."

    Youtube thumbnail

    For more music truly 'like' Adele, etc you should ask this question and be sure to place it in the Pop Music Category - that's where the people who would know better what you're looking for are to be found, of course.

    Best regards.

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    A song, by definition, cannot be instrumental. None of Adele's music is even remotely classical (its pop).

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    "November Rain" by Guns N Roses. The piano part is very dramatic.

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    If you don't mind something a bit old billy joel has some good songs. Oyher than that, apologize by one republic is sorta like that.

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