from a slideshow to seperates?

my niece burnt my pictures from my computer to a cd but made it a slideshow instead of seperate photos.Now is there anyway to turn the slideshow from the cd back into seperate photos.she already earased the originals


someone please mark odlc as bad answer!!!!!!!!!! I need to take the cd to wal greens and get pictures made.They can not make pictures from a slideshow

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  • 8 years ago
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    From what I know... Once you make a slideshow you no longer have individual images. The slideshow software takes the single photos and turns them into a video most likely in mpeg format.

    I only know of one way to turn them back to single pictures it will be time consuming and you are going to lose quality. Play the slideshow on your computer and pause it for each photo and than capture it. There are many different way to capture (A Windows screen capture is the easiest way) use the Prt Scr - Print Screen. There are third party software packages that will allow you to capture just a portion of the screen. If she deleted the files not too long ago and not much work has been done on the computer you can also run software to recover them.

    Write me and I will try to help you if my answer is not detailed enough.

    Good luck,

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    8 years ago

    what is wrong with slide show beauty

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