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why women thighs are clean and soft compare to men.Moreover it is much more smoother than a guy.Why so?

why women thighs are clean and soft compare to men.Moreover it is much more smoother than a guy.Why so?.

I had sex several times with girls and women and has realized the same thing.When I stretch their leg, the inner thigh is as clean as their upper thigh skin.Approximately 99%.Is it because women dont have bladder.I wont agree if anyone say that women apply cream and moisture because I have seen many who o not apply.I am an indian and I know well that in India, not everyone use cream.

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    Testosterone hormone grows

    hair in male and female

    In female This hormone is present but negligible.

    Since no hair can grow all over a female body

    their skin and thighs are smooth

    like a tender banana stem

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    In most cultures women do a lot of shaving because unwanted hair is early learned to be eliminated. It comes from nature which gave women a body more adequate to perform the jobs newborn babies require to develop and grow from the day they are born. Despite babies are carried in their laps I guess young girls understand the importance of smooth skin and shave to never forget allergies babies could have and also because it looks prettier for girls to have smooth skin.

  • What "cottage-cheese thighs"??? Woman are beautiful and often many times sexy. I guess I suffer from an apparently very rare disease that causes me to appreciate woman.. very much! They are wonderful, beautiful, sexy, and sensual.

    Now for you nay sayers.. I'm physically fit and have been compared to the likes (as far as looks) I have quite a bit of social interaction with the female gender.

    My advice.. respect and appreciate everything. Tomorrow may bring...

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    Hairs make the surface rough,

    hormone testosterone causes development of hairs,

    in female this hormone is not in so much amoumt that they develop hairs

    so u feel their skin smooth.

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    ladies r soft n clean

  • Women do have bladders. And they shave and are less hairy then men.

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    Dont obsessed with this thinks..LOL

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