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運動規則 英文翻譯成中文

The first stoppage for each team in each quarter or half (refer Rule 2.1 and 2.2) shall be up to two (2) minutes from when time is held to decide whether an injured or ill player is fit to continue. During this stoppage, other players from either team who are injured or ill may receive treatment from their Primary Care Person/s. The length of the stoppage is determined by the treatment required by the player for whom play was stopped;

(b) the Umpire is unable to say who was in possession of the ball, or the ball was on the ground when play was stopped, in which case a Toss Up is taken between any two opposing players allowed in that area, where the ball was when play was stopped; (c) the stoppage is due to Obstruction or Contact, in which case a Penalty Pass / Shot is awarded where the infringer was standing, except where this places the non-offending team at a disadvantage, when the penalty shall be taken where the obstructed or contacted player was standing.

(iii) A stoppage for blood is not regarded as a stoppage for injury or illness and is not recorded against a team; (iv) The stoppage shall be up to two (2) minutes from when the time is held to decide whether a bleeding player is fit to continue. This decision shall be left to the Primary Care Person/s. No other Team Official is permitted on Court; During a stoppage for blood the bleeding player may be substituted or the position left vacant. No other substitutions or team changes are permitted by either team;

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    每個隊的第一停止在每個處所或一半(提到規則2.1和2.2)二(2)分鐘從,當时刻舉行決定 一個被傷害的或不適的球員是否適合繼續。 在這停止期間,被傷害從任一個隊的其他球員或不適也許從他們的初级护理Person/s.接受治療。 戲劇被停止的球員需要的治療取决于停止的長度; (b)審判員无法說誰是擁有球,或者球在地面上,當戲劇被停止了,在拋被採取在那個區域情況下允許的所有二個反對的球員之間,球是戲劇被停止了; (c)停止归结于阻礙或聯絡,在懲罰通行證/射擊被授予情況下侵權者站立的地方,除了這處於不利地位的地方安置非觸犯的隊,當懲罰將被採取被阻礙的或与联系的球員站立的地方。 (iii)血液的停止沒有被认為傷害或病症的停止和沒有被記錄反對隊; (iv)停止二(2)分鐘從,當时候舉行決定出血球員是否適合繼續。 這個決定將留下給初级护理Person/s。 其他隊官員在法院沒有被允許; 在血液的停止期間出血球員也許被替代或空置的位置。 其他代替或隊變動沒有由任一個隊允許;

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