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Why Do The Vast Majority Of Houses In Brazil Not Have Bathtubs And Backyards?


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    The Vast Majority Of Houses In Brazil ?? Everyone in small towns and cities have backyards or extensive gardens. The majority of older houses have bathtubs but Brazilians prefer the convenience of a shower. Most cities have apartments which do not have a backyard but all usually have a play area and often a pool and possibly barbeque places and balconies. I have been to older apartments in Rio that also have bathtubs but most have been modernised to have only showers.

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    Your questions and "points" are starting to get annoying. It depends on where you live - my house at 2 bathtubs and a huge backyard that included a pool and tons of tropical trees. Metropolitan areas offer housing mostly in apartments which obviously would not offer a backyard and bathtubs are a convenience that is not necessarily Brazilian.

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    I live in Brazil, was born here!

    My house has no bathtub, only shower, and a small yard.

    This is the default in my area(Minas Gerais)

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    Trancoso you returned?

    Like me leaning that you are Brazilian, I advise you to do a visit to you country and to see that the things are changing.

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