Is MBA hard to study?

I'm having plans to further into MBA to a better career path and better salary. I am currently working and if i were to take up this course, i'll be studying part time. I wonder, anyone has experience in studying MBA and is it tough? Ie : like the assignments, exams, thesis? I wonder if it's right to invest in this?

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    You have to remember that "tough" is relative.

    I did my undergrad in Electrical Engineering in one of the toughest Engineering schools around (by my senior year, my average school day was about 20 hours a day, 7 days a week between classes and coursework). I started my MBA about 4 years after betting my BS degree.

    I went into business to diversify my education and found it very well worth it. If asked if it was hard, I usually tell people that I thought it was a joke.

    When I had my admissions interview with the Dean of the Business school, they said they would waive the GMAT requirement for admission if I took 3 math related classes within the first 6 classes I took. I laughed and asked what the catch was. That is when I first realized that math was difficult for some business students.

    I learned the phrase "my interpretation of the problem is....." was priceless. If I explained how I viewed something and had a believable reason for thinking so, I was able to make an argument that got tons of points back on tests and papers.

    In my undergrad, writing lab reports between 40 and 100 pages long was a weekly occurrence. For our group's design project in undergrad, our final paper was around 1200 pages long describing our project and the design concepts. With that type of workload fresh in my mind from Undergrad, I thought the 10 to 30 page assignments were relatively easy. I did not find the homework difficult at all for the most part (remember the "my interpretation" line....).

    Then came the Thesis. Our instructor recommended having a paper of at least 100 pages. I had never seen so many people complain and moan in my life as in my into to the Thesis lecture. When asked how I felt about it, I told the teacher I would knock it out for him in 3 days if he wanted me to. I ended up writing a paper on Survivors Syndrome and Minimizing Impact On Remaining Employees During Layoffs. I forget how long it was in the end (100 to 150 pages?). It did take me longer than I thought. I think it took me about a month to finish it. To be honest, it wasn't top notch work. I was single when I started school and 4 years later, I was married and had a daughter. I would have quit school if I wasn't so close to finishing.

    So is it tough? It isn't easy, otherwise everyone would be getting an MBA. Compared to the workload I underwent as an Undergrad, I thought getting an MBA was a joke. What I found most enjoyable about Graduate school is that I didn't feel so much like a student when I went. Rather than a traditional student/teacher relationship like how Yoda and Luke Skywalker operated, it was more like learning from a co-worker. I felt I was more of an equal with the instructor and the interaction between student and instructor was completely different.

    Assignments will take time, though I found them quite enjoyable for the most part. Over the course of your studies, you will have to write on a ton of topics and sometimes you have to think outside of the box when researching (for instance, I wrote a paper on how to expand the KFC restaurant chain on a corporate level and part of my research involved contacting and interviewing a team of men who were competing at the Jack Daniels World Championship BBQ cookoff when I was on vacation in Tennessee one year, an weird idea that I never would have pursued as an Undergrad and earned my team huge points on our paper/proposal).

    As I mentioned before, exams tend to be "grey" areas. The answers tend to not be strictly right or wrong. A number of times, I successfully argued my point and got points back on my exam. Are they difficult? They aren't terrible, but you have to put your work in to do well, but if you pay attention in class, take notes, and review a bit before the exam, you should do just fine.

    I'd say go for it. College only gets tougher with age. I love learning and I love college. If I had the funds and didn't have the responsibilities as a husband and/or father, I'd still be getting degrees.

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    Depends on how smart and what your background is, your undergrad degree. If you are Mexican/Central American citizen, and will be working in Mexico or Central America, you should be fine. But there are no internationally renowned MBA programs in Mexico, and there is a worldwide glut of MBAs on the market. What are you aiming to do with your degree?

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    9 years ago

    Some classes you will find harder than others, but generally you shouldn't find it too hard. There will be a lot of group work, presentations, papers. If you struggle in one area you will have plenty of opportunity to do better in another.

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