Conversion rate pesos to dollars?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Assuming Mexican Pesos (and you didn't specify, did you?):

    On 27 December 2011, at banks in Tijuana:

    US$1 gets you 13.50 Mexican Pesos (US$0.074 = 1 Peso). This is the 'Buy' rate.

    13.65 Mexican Pesos gets you US$1 (1 Peso = US$0.073). This is the 'Sell' rate.

    The difference between the buy and sell rates is the bank's profit margin.

    I am going to Tijuana tomorrow and will update this. The peso has been slowly dropping vice the US dollar here of late.

    Here are the current exchange rates from Banco Azteca in Mexico (See the lower right corner of the page. The local currency exchanges almost always have a better rate than this bank):

    Added later: As of 30 December 2011:

    Buy 13.62 / Sell 13.80

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    9 years ago

    here's a converter link:

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