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How to increase SLOW download speed?

Ok, I a downloading Team Fortress 2 from Steam and it was fine earlier. It was at 347kb/s max(Slow, I know). But now, it is unbelievable. A mere average of 6kb/s and stopping constantly. I started at 11:35 AM, now it is 6:24 PM and it is at 32%. Please help, I tried clearing browsing history, I am on google chrome with no add on's at all. It is a BRAND new laptop, I got it for christmas 4 days ago. I tried running only it and there was no change. I need help, it says it needs 10 more hours and I don't want to burn out/overheat/overwork my new laptop. Yes, it is a laptop, it is a new Dell laptop running Windows 7. It has 628 GB free. Any tips? Sorry for excessive detail. This is 742 characters long so I BETTER get a reply :). Thanks.


No I am not on limited broadband. I was and I sucked all of the month's usage and 1.5 GB more but I switched to HughsNet for that exact reason.

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    go here to test your speed:

    if its above than 347kb/s that means steam servers suck, if its the same means someone elese is using up you internet too, ( maybe someone elese is connected and watching a movie or downloading or browsing)

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    You may be on a limited download subscription for broadband, and most providers will cap you if you use a lot of download at one time.

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