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What really makes us human?

Not genetics, not biology, none of that scientific stuff.

What makes us better (or perhaps worse) than the animals around us? What differentiates us from alien lifeforms (assuming there are any)?

What do you think makes us human?

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    The ability to have apathy for others we do not know and for no benefit to ourselves. Love.

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    Humans have Freewill while animals are governed by Instinct.

    Even though the instinct principle is within too, we can overide these instinctual impulses through Reason and Introspection. What makes humans different to the animals is man's ability to use these faculties to create so-called civilisation...which is how we evolve. I think we'll gain a better appreciation of Evolution when we include human consciousness as a dominant factor!

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    We never will know what is the big difference between animals and us - as long as animals don´t watch TV, are going to be educated as long as us and don´t have to care about their survival (living in liberty) ;)

    means, I would say, all theories I heard untill today are based on the thought, humans are more intelligent...

    but I say: we really don´t know it until animals have not these chances above and in addition our wonderful 2 hands with our well trainable fingers to create what we like....

    Often I thought about your question and this idea - if animals would have this hand-ability and in addition we could communicate or understand their ways of communication - the answer of my inspiration and fantasy is not 1:1 that they are less than us....

    ...but if I stop dreaming and see the today´s facts

    the differences in behaviour are, animals have not learned to let show what they don´t feel (a critical view of human politeness).

    They don´t have abstract rules (our cultur/civilasation) interpretations are necessary... means less options of manipulation :)

    these are fortunes of animals...

    It makes us humans in the sence of have the choise to learn and change what our education teached us.

    I think animals have not this large reflecting innert mind...but I believe they have a conscience (related on the creature we are living on/with in symbiosis (out of the view of biological scientists our planet is an organism).

    This unexplainable curiousity is the most important difference (which drives us....among other points to don´t stop wasting too much money in experiments without any relation to a better life for all of us.)

    We want to get in contact with each creature....and it seems that animals don´t have this desire, aliens aswell.

    Christian´s interpretation of the bible is: humans are the crown of the Creation. I think this is the main reason which makes us blind to recognize the true answer of your question.

    We are trained to think we are more...therefore we never thought seriously of an equality to different creatures.

    What a pitty

    [please excuse my bad expression and lots of mistake, I´m a foreigner]

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    Often I ponder on this question and I find that we are exceptionally different from other creations of the world and yet we have affinity with them. Man has 'Intellect' which makes us the best of all. Now with the help of this intellect we can think and decide two things- good and evil. To accept and to work on it we are dependent on our culture of our society and family as well. For example, people in India are habituated of living in a join family still. I think, that is a plus point for them to enhance power of tolerance and accept all situations with their own identity and value. On the other hand, I find the youths of other places are void of this and therefore there has emerged a totally different culture mixture of man and animal.

    Second we have 'speech' which is unique and not other creature has. We are able to express our feeling with even a person of any corner of the world. We have written down our thoughts in the manner of various media and taken to the every corner of the world and thus we feel affinity to each one of us. It does not happen in the case of animals.

    Third thing that we have two legs and two hands rather that having four legs by animals. They are also vital parts of our body to serve the needy and to work for the betterment of the nature with care.

    Yet, now a days, people seem to be imitating more to the culture of animals and try to merge with them. Yet we need to serve them considering them a part of this world living together but not to adopt their culture like having sex with anyone at any time whether I know or not, liking and disliking instead of loving, spreading everything all around the world not giving a second thought how it will effect on others, affecting zero tolerance with others, trying to show others that we are the best, spreading hatred.

    Some of the above vices of man are not found even in animals, thus I think in some aspects we are inferior to them.

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    We are called "Human Beings" because we look forward to the future as apposed to most animals who live unconsciously with no purpose but to live for the moment.

    Literally speaking we all are Hue-man meaning we all have different shades or hues and get darker in the sun.

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    We have a gene that no animals on earth have. It makes us smarter than animals, and similar to aliens. Its called the har1 gene and their is no possible way we could acquire it through evolution, which proves their must be a higher power/aliens. Thats what I believe makes us human.

    Source(s): History and biology
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    Animals hump eachother and have sex because that's just what animals do to reproduce. I have never seen my dog do any "foreplay" or make out with a girl dog before he tried to hump the living heck outta her. We have sex to reproduce just like dogs or other animals, but we choose someone specific to do it with. We choose someone we love and have feelings for. A female dog might choose the bigger, stronger, healthier male to mate with. And sure, some people might be shallow enough to look for someone who is just attractive or just pretty. But lots of people look for different qualities in someone, like maybe kindness and compassion, a common interest such as reading or music, or something like that. My point is that animals don't really love eachother, but we do. That is what I believe the difference is.

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    Abraham Lincoln said,- "I'm in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of the whole human being.".

    It' our compassion for other living creatures that makes us human

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    Conscience,society and self awareness, along with an unyeilding thirst for knowledge. But also war, conflict is very human.

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