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Could a 2011 iPod Touch replace my Cell Phone?

I have a cell phone (not a great one at that) I only really text on it, not too much calling what so ever.

I have been really wanting a new 2011 iPod Touch but, the wifi would be patchy I heard. Is it still worth it in the long run? (I would also love some information on the hotspots you can get)

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    Well, you shouldn't replace your phone for an iPod. Unless you absolutely don't want your phone, because an iPod cannot text people or call in that case. You can do Facetime but that's only if other people have either an iPod touch with a camera or an iPhone. But overall, iPod's are pretty good. But you do have to connect it to Wi-Fi to at least go on Facebook, Twitter etc. etc.

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    If you're okay with only being able to communicate with people when you're on a Wifi network (like at home or Starbucks), then I suppose you can replace your cell phone with an iPod Touch. You can use iMessage to text others who have an iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad), and use apps like Google Voice to call others. Apps that allow you to make phone calls over a Wifi connection do cost money to put the call through but are cheaper than a regular cellphone plan. You can also send text messages on Google Voice.

    Mind you, the iPod touch doesn't have a speaker where you would normally hold an iPhone to talk, so you would have to use the included Apple headset and microphone to talk to others.

    Would I do it? No. Is it possible to do though? Yes.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me via my email on my profile.

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