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how to make a computer last years?

i am planing on buying a new desktop (dell) and i want it to last for years (atleast 3 years but 5-6 will be awesome)

what could i do to make sure that my computer will last that long?

please answer any info is helpfull

***what i plan on doing with the computer is upgrading the powersupply, and graphic card to play games (oblivion is the most graphic game ill be playing unless i can play skyrim in low detail)***

i turn off the computer when im not using it, i also unplug the power cable when it is off too

please give information on how to make it last for years

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    whatever you buy from dell you could build yourself for 75% of the price if not 50%. Dell and other companies charge way to much and you dont get enough. You will end up with a basic non K intel CPU so you will not be able to overclock.

    Your best bet is to build a computer yourself this way you can do some future proofing as you go. You will also be able to have a good power supply and graphics card to start.

    i5-2500K is a great CPU for gaming

    if you also do video or photo editing then the 2600k might be better for you due to the hyperthreading.

    With these CPU's you will be able to overclock them and keep up with newer faster CPU's so you dont have to run out and replace everything.

    Another thing to keep in mind is most pre built computers come with a cheapo H67 motherboard. This motherboard does not allow any overclocking of any CPU. Your better off with a P67 or Z68. I highly recommend the asus p8p67 PRO <rev 3.1>

    The difference between the p67 and z68 is the z68 offers SSD caching and onboard video. But if you have a graphics card and standard hard drives then the p68 will be just fine for you.

    As far as a power supply a Corsair CX 600 is a great base power supply and fairly cheap at 70 bucks.

    Ram you can purchase just about any ram, it does not need to be expensive. Look for around 8GB or so.

    If you want a SUPER cheap case you can get the NZXT gamma from wal mart. it is 35 bucks with free site to store shipping. Has a psu dust filter which is not found in most cheap cases.

    Building your own computer will also free up some money to get a better graphics card. You could go with an nvidia gtx 560Ti. I believe it goes for about 250 bucks.

    If you are up to building your own and want/need ANY help go to There are plenty of well educated individuals there that can help you pick out parts and help you put them all together.

    as far as the life of your computer, if you have a PSU dust filter on your case then having it on the ground is not an issue. You will just need to clean the filter ever so often. If you willing to spend more on a case then I suggest the Corsair 600T. its about 140-160 but it has dust filters all around and plenty of cooling with 2 large 200mm fans.

    With a computer if anything ever has an issue you can just replace the part, no point in having a whole computer go to trash.

    THE BIGGEST THING would be to get a good power supply. Most pre built computers (dell) come with cheapo no name power supplies that I would not trust. Buying a good power supply is VERY important. If something goes wrong with the PSU it could take out other components of your PC.

    EDIT: its funny how andrew and myself take the time to give some thoughtful feedback and try to help someone instead of a 1 line answer... and someone has to go around and thumb down our answer? wow

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    Don't buy a premade computer if u want it to last as long as possible.

    First go out and buy a nice case (at least a mid-tower) that u will be happy with for several years. (My computer case is almost 10 years old...plain black with no frills, but does the job)

    Next, get the most powerful PSU u can afford. Try to get a 1000 watt one (or more). This way u will have power to spare as components requiring more power come along.

    Buy a mainboard with the latest CPU compatibility. This way u can possibly later on upgrade your CPU if u want a better one.

    Get a good, fast SATA6.0 type hard drive. 1Tb at least. It will probably last out 5 or 6 years at least. (I currently am running an old PATA 300Gb drive from 2002 and it works just fine for music storage and other things that don't require high bandwidth). So if u get the best drive today, it will still be useful maybe even 10 years from now. And of course u can add a new drive later too.

    If u can afford it, get a bluray burner. They are all backward compatible with DVD and CD.

    Keyboard and mouse don't matter so much as they haven't really changed hardly for nearly 20 years. (I actually still use an old clunky IBM, beat up, heavy as hell, keyboard that each key clicks when u press it. The thing has survived things these new flimsy keyboards would never make it through) The newer wireless ones are nice though.

    Get a decent video card, but not the most expensive top of the line one. Those top of the line ones, usually go down by at least half when the next model is released. And by the time the newer model is released, all the bugs have been worked out of the older one. Video cards are one place it's not good to jump on the newest quick. Get the tried and true and it will cost u a lot less (and possibly save u a headache too).

    Naturally u want all of these things to be standard. That way if u ever want to replace the mainboard for some reason, the rest of your components u can keep.

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  • 8 years ago

    keep it in a good area. off the ground, away from walls and heat. It needs breathing room. Also do not pour honey on them or let ants crawl around even if you are trying to calculate pi. Also stop looking at porn and opening emails from nigeria.

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  • 3 years ago

    relies upon on your strategies-set! you're able to make amends for the roadmap for Intel and AMD and you will have a dizzy spell for specific! 5 years is a protracted time. in case you spot whats handed off interior the final 5 years....... we had Pentium 4s, then Pentium Ds, twin Cores. they are updating the core2duo, increasing the FSB and cache... whew. next they are introducing the 'Penryn' So its based on you retaining on on your product for the subsequent 5 years. i could say the Q6600 is a great VFM immediately! while you're are no longer too prepared on spending on upgrading oftentimes, Get your self the Q6600 config.

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  • 8 years ago

    making sure u have a good antivirus helps alot too. and updating softwware also

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