UVA Transfer chances?

I'm thinking about trying to transfer to UVA for next fall. I'm currently a freshmen at UNC, but my family lives in VA so I'm in-state. So far in college, this has been my resume:

-3.82 GPA

-First semester schedule: Intro to Comp. Politics (A-), English 102 (A-), African American Studies (A), and LFit (a required health class, A). I also took World Regional Geography as a pass/fail and passed.

-Total of 13 credit hours

-Played intramural football, applied to be an R.A., ran for student Congress (unelected)

-Currently hold a job at an ice cream store on campus

-Next semester: Econ 101, Arabs and the West First year seminar (FYS are special smaller classes that are taught by better professors, offered only to freshmen), Major American Authors, Film Analysis, Roman Emperors First year seminar

In high school:

-4.5 weighted GPA on 5 point scale

-6 AP classes

-5 on AP English Lit, 4s on AP English language, U.S. History, Psych, and Environmental studies, 3 on AP Government

-Almost all honors classes

-92 out of class of 488 (top 20%)

-1310 SAT

-Did not take SAT subject tests

-Indoor track, outdoor track, football

-Officer positions in Spanish Club and Investment club

-Coached track at a middle school


-participated in Younglife

-student government representative

-Spanish National Honor Society

-30 hours community service

Also, I'm a Hispanic student. Could I get in as a transfer? Also, what extracurriculars should I do next semester to add to my application?


Bob, I just started using Yahoo Answers so I don't know how to message you back. To answer your questions, I was rejected in high school. I like UNC, but I think UVA would be a better fit for me personally. Also, it is much cheaper.

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    You will get in. It is not that hard to get into UVA as a transfer. They say a GPA of 3.5+ is competitive for college of arts and sciences (which you'll be applying to). I would look more for leadership roles in a club you like doesn't really matter which one they just want to make sure you aren't doing nothing when classes are out.

    I have a couple of questions though, if you don't mind....

    why are you transferring? UVA and UNC are pretty closely ranked, is it because you are from VA?

    Or do you not like UNC?

    also did you apply to UVA and not get in as a freshman?

    Transferring is definitely not an easy process so think it over a couple more times before you do it.

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