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Why is winning Iowa such a big deal?

Why is winning the state of Iowa such a big deal in presidential elections for Republicans and Democrats?

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    It's the first state in the primaries, and often "sets the tone" for the rest of the primaries. It may give the winning candidate momentum in to other states.

    But that doesn't always happen. Huckabee won Iowa and didn't win the nomination. But Obama did win Iowa, and won the nomination.

    The results of Iowa will also cause a few candidates to drop from the race, usually the ones with the least amount of delegates. Most likely Bachmann or Santorum. It's hard to say though.

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    Bush and Obama won Iowa. It basically thins out the field. Whoever in the top 4 is still strong, as long as they have organization in other states. If Bachmann and Perry are dead last in Iowa, Their done. Going into NH there will be no comeback. In NH if Romney wins, Paul 2nd, Gingrich 3rd, Huntsman 4th, Santorum 5th.. Santorum and Huntsman are done. They could stay in the race, But they will never win a single state. Then after that it would be organization, organization, Organization. Who has campaign headquarters operating for super Tuesday? Romney/Paul. So Gingrich might hold on for a little while, But he lacks organization..

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    It use to be a factor in 20th century politics. Although it did not mean a win, the money came about.

    This Tea Party controlled election has changed that forever.

    Iowa does not have a Real Conservative Republican to vote for. Just Tea Party Koch Clowns and Ron Paul

    The traditional Republican Party Values are gone.

    Welcome to the Tea Party and your new country AmeriChina!

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    Because its the first primary

    And the winner will see a surge in campaign donations

    That allows them to advertise more in other states, which allows them to do better there too.

    IE: pretty much all the major campaign contributions will go to those who finished in the top 3 in the early primaries

    That gives them a great start on the march super tuesday primaries.

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    It ISN'T important to win. It's only important to not come in last. The results of Iowa caucuses usually causes the people who come in last and next to last to drop out of the race before New Hampshire.

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    It's about like jumping out to a lead in the first 100 yards of a marathon.

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    Mitt Romney is a humorous tale. lost 2 out of three of the final elections, turn flops, ruins companies putting people on the streets, will pay illegals quarters for shifting his grass, and beats his dogs.

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    Sets the tone, ppl want to back the winning candidate so if they are on the fence and one guy wins they are more apt to vote for them.

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    It delivers credibility and gives them access to campaign money so they stay in the game.

    And also what the first poster said is true too.

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    It's not really since it is just a caucus and not an official primary.

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