Is it true that a laptop's battery will diminish?

Well, today I looked on the back of my iPod case, and it said that the battery for the iPod can only recharge for a certain number of times, so eventually you will need to get a new battery for it.

Is it the same for a laptop? not apple laptop, but like a PC? please heeeeelp! I'm scared. I don't want to replace battery. And apple charges $79. Tell me, does a laptop charge for a certain number of times and will I ever have to get a new battery? :O

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  • Kevlar
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    8 years ago
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    every Rechargeable battery is like that mac books, Pc laptops, Energizer Rechargeable, car batteries all can be charged a certain time and then there garbage.

    Laptops Dell, Toshiba etc battery last usually 3 years

    Energizer usually can be recharged 100 times and then garbage

    Car battery 3 - 4 years

    Cellphones batteries all have limited operating cycles

  • 3 years ago

    confident. in case you oftentimes flow away your pc plugged in i could advise removing the battery and buying a truly affordable united statesto plug it into. otherwise the battery will over the years final a shorter and shorter quantity of time. pc batteries are often incredibly high priced to interchange which makes the value of the united statesseem lots extra efficient. inspect the value of a substitute battery on your pc earlier you start up off buying for a UPS. the different income of the united statesover the battery on my own is that it aspects a clean potential circulate by means of way of DC which gets rid of any spikes / surges from the electrical powered feed.

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