How to use GarageBand for beginners?

I'm really new to any of this sort of stuff-recording studio, on your computer type-thing. I am so confused with how to use the garageband on my used macbook pro, and I'm trying to figure it out but its so confusing for me!! Do you know of a dummy-type/easy guide that really walks you through how to use it?? Like a website or something?? Thank you for your help.


Thank you I'm gonna check that out :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Youtube thumbnail

    &ob=av3e <-Try this link. :)

    It just takes a lot of fiddling around with. A helpful hint: If you're recording without using microphones or anything and you're playing an instrument, just use Voice (I think that's what it is) instead of Keyboard or Guitar or anything.

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