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international baggage policy for united airline (connected in Japan)?

I will take United from Los Angeles(USA) to Tokyo(Japan), layover around 3 hours for transfer, and then connect to an ANA flight from Tokyo(Japan) to Taipei(Taiwan).

Los Angeles(USA) --> Tokyo(Japan) by United Airline

Tokyo(Japan) --> Taipei(Taiwan) by ANA Airline

According to United Airline web site, flying to Japan qualifies for TWO free check-in baggages. Flying to other non-Japan Asian countries qualifies for only one free check-in baggages. Since my United flight is from LAX to Japan, can I qualify for TWO free check-in baggages? Many Thanks.

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    Call United and ask.

    It might be free for the LAX-NRT portion, but you might get charged for the extra bag on the NRT-Taiwan portion by ANA, but again call them and ask.


    Quinn: United Airlines and ANA are different airlines, but they are part of the same Airline Alliance : StarAlliance and are Airline partners (both are members in StarAlliance), which means they have codeshare agreements, single ticketing systems, interlined luggage/baggage agreements etc. You can start on a United Flight with one ticket and continue onto a ANA flight on the same ticket. Some ANA flights are operated by United and vice versa (via codeshare).

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    I think calling United is the best suggestion thus far. I can tell you that when I have checked in for the domestic portion of an international flight in the U.S. that the extra bag was taken without a problem. Ditto for the difference in weight limit. And when I have arrived in the U.S. for my connecting domestic flight, there were once again no problems. And on several occasions the airline companies were different.

    If I had to guess, I would say you will be okay, but the airlines are changing their rules and regulations so quickly these days that the only way to make sure is to talk to them directly. I mean, think about it, you get ready to fly from Japan to Taipei and they want to charge you extra for the bag. And you tell them that somebody on Yahoo!Answers said it would be okay. Are they going to:

    1- Say "Oh, then of course you can take it for free!"


    2- Call another rep over so the two of them can get a laugh over your situation.

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    Taiwan is NOT Japan. And ANA is not United Airline. Your 2 free check-in only applies to United to Japan. You will need to ask representatives from ANA about your last leg from Japan to Taiwan.

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