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Am I bi-polar? How to deal?

People always tell me I have horrible mood swings, and sometimes it keeps them from being around me as much. I've been noticing them a lot lately. I have three moods that I feel like I keep swinging from one to the other.

My first mood - This isn't always my happy mood, but it's the mood where I feel like I can do anything. I feel really motivated, and inspired. I walk around really confident, I feel beautiful, and like nobody can get in my way. I don't care about how others feel when I'm in this mood. I talk to everyone, and I talk really fast. I laugh a lot, and I do really stupid things sometimes. I also purposely annoy people when I'm this mood by dancing around them and jumping and screaming and singing. I also get into fights when I'm in this mood, but the kinds of fights where I just don't care about anything, so I would be laughing and making fun of the other person. This mood can be ended by one small thing, that I wouldn't usually care about. It lasts up to two weeks.

Second mood - this is the mood where I feel really neutral. I'm satisfied, I'm not sad or happy. I talk to only my friends, and laugh normally. This mood lasts only 2-4 days. Then, something alters it and I go back to my first or last mood.

Third mood - This is my sad and grouchy mood. It's not one or the other, its both at the same time. Inside I feel low, I want to self-harm myself, or die. All the stupid desicions I've made keep going through my mind. I leave my home work till the last minute and don't do anything significant. But to people I'm really rude. I make fun of them, using things that they went through to make them feel crappy. I snap at any small thing. I get into a lot of fights. If someone asks me what's wrong, I shut them out. I cry a lot when I'm alone during this mood. This lasts up to 6 weeks.

Am I bi-polar? I don't want to see a psychologist, I don't want to take pills. How can I deal with it on my own?


I'm 15. I think I'll wait a for a few more years and see if it is cause I'm a teenager and if it doesn't then I'll be 18 by then and I can talk to my doctor without my parents. I can't talk to a doctor because my parents believe that things like depression, and bi-polar are self-inflicted. They're authoritarian parents

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    8 years ago
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    Are you noticing a HUGE shift in the amount of sleep you need during your high period versus your low period? Bipolar disorder causes very prominent sleep changes. Like when hypomanic (your family would put you in the hospital if you had full blown mania) maybe you only need 4 or 5 hours of sleep that whole time, even for months, and don't need naps, and you don't have insomnia and aren't burning the candle at both ends. You just don't need much sleep for some reason. In bipolar depressions, most people need to sleep much more than usual, like 12 - 16 hours a night. Bipolar depressions are usually disabling - you would be flunking all your classes. I went from all A's to flunking in my senior year in high school, when I got my first bipolar depression. The depressions I had before were probably from being sexually abused - they were not disabling, and didn't last for months like a bipolar depression generally does.

    You can try the non-med tips at People will push pills on you. SOUNDS LIKE YOU HAVE ISSUES in addition to bipolar. I have severe bipolar, and I am still nice to people most of the time. I think it is very wrong to be purposely annoying - what happens is I do not realize that I am the only one who thinks I am funny. In my depressions, I couldn't do homework at ALL, when the depression was at its worst. I flunked a lot of classes in college because of this. But I do have severe bipolar. On the other hand, many psychiatrists say bipolar is severely overdiagnosed now, and symptoms like I have are the real bipolar. So by this thinking, the reason I am so disabled by it is I have episodes a lot more often than most people. Probably cuz of that sexual abuse.

    good luck - try that link I gave you and study up. Most or all of his tips are good for ANYONE to follow.

    PS there aren't any studies showing that a person with bipolar MUST take pills for the rest of her life. The studies that were done were very cruel, where patients were cold turkeyed off their meds and promptly flipped out, and researchers said "see? People with bipolar (schizophrenia, too) MUST take meds for life!" Well, those folks were in drug WITHDRAWAL, so who the heck knows what would have happened if they were weaned off the meds after they were stable? Nobody knows!! There are many anecdotal stories where people manage bipolar without meds. The meds don't work that great. The meds often damage physical health. I personally got no benefit from meds other than lithium for mania, but I seem to have aged out of mania (hmmm, but maybe going into it now, finally after many years, dont' know yet). I am sure many patients in those studies killed themselves after plunging into depression after being cold turkeyed, or destroyed their marriages from severe mania.


    If your living situation is actually abusive, this could be your problem along with being a young person with all that teenage hormone stuff going on.

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  • Leard
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    8 years ago

    Yeah this sounds like bi-polar. Go and see a psychologists and just try the pills. Depression is an illness and although people can learn to deal with it, it isn't something you have to do alone. If you find that seeking help isn't working for you then don't bother and just live your life.

    I understand that a lot of people with bi polar love the way they are when on a high that they happily live with the depression, so consider that for a moment. If you don't want to take pills then you can always try cognitive-behaviour therapy. Something I personally believe, along with drugs is the best form of treatment for depression.

    Otherwise I can't really give you any tips to actually dealing with the depression on your own.

    Source(s): BSc Psychology
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  • 8 years ago

    Hey Sweetie!

    Bi-polar is something that is largely overused these days. There are sooo many different types of Bi-polar, and it is actually a mental disease. So, if you went to a doctor with this, you would most likely be on pills. But, it all depends on your age, if your teenage up to 20, you wont be given pills because its part of your bodies hormones changing, and this action should be allowed to take place freely. But, if your an adult suffering this, you'll probably be given pills which should help to keep your mood neutralized. Good luck. If you have any other questions let me know.

    ~Much Love,

    Callie. xxx

    Source(s): Personal Experience, Trained doctor, and mental health aider.
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  • 8 years ago

    Talk to your doctor. And don't ban the pills until you've tried them... sometimes it takes a few weeks or a few trials but they work.

    Also, if you're a teenager, this is all normal and it will pass. Everyone feels this way at one point or another in their lifetime.

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  • 8 years ago

    Pills are not the answer. Healthy living is, walk and do push ups, do a 100 a day and walk a few miles too, like an hour a day every other day with pushps, eat right, stop the soda's, drink green tea, water, eat fruits, veggies, fast food once a week max, take care of your body bro and it will take care of your brain. ALSO, if you want more out of life, here it something I share with you, this is me, please hear me out ---

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  • 8 years ago

    I hate to tell you, but you cant deal with it on your own, its a mental issue, I eas diagnosed with bipolar by a have to get help if you think you may have it, and if you do you need medication...i dont like taking my meds either, but they help with my disorder and my mood swings.

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  • 8 years ago

    On the lighter side, that just sounds like a woman....hahaha, but if you really think that you might be bipolar a doctors visit might be in order. I found this it might help

    good luck.

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