Good university in France for studying chemical engineering?

Hi! I'm going to apply to university in France, taking chemical engineering as the major. But I'm having difficulties in finding good university cause when I browsed for chemical engineering, people talk about école supérieure much more than university :(

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me and give me some advice probably? Because I just graduated from high school and I'm totally blind about university life. Also, I hope it won't be in Paris. I won't be able to finance if it's in Paris --"

Thanks anyway :)

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    Ok, so the French higher education system is divided into two: universities for sciences, medicine, litterature, sport, etc... and Grandes Ecoles (usually école supérieure de...) for engineering.

    In your case, you'll have to apply to one of this Grande Ecole.

    One of the most reknown chemical engineering school in the world is ENSCP (école nationale de chimie de Paris, also called chimie Paris), but it's very hard to get in.

    One good school is ENSCM (école nationale supérieure de chimie de Montpellier, also called chimie Montpellier).

    You have also Chimie Lille, Chimie Rennes or Chimie Clermont-Ferrand.

    Of course you have to speak French.

    Chimie Paris:

    Chimie Montpellier:

    Chimie Lille:

    Contact me if you have more questions.

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