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Korean dramas with strong female lead and romance (similar to City Hunter?)?

I'm a huge fan of Korean dramas, and so far I've watched 49 Days, Boys Before Flowers, You're Beautiful, Playful/Mischievous/Naughty Kiss and I'm watching City Hunter now.

Except for City Hunter, the lead guy and the lead girl annoy the heck outta me in all the dramas I've watched.

So basically, I want the guy to not be totally cold and mean, and the lead girl not to be stupid and childish and STUPID and weak and non-independent (like in Playful Kiss, I hated that drama lol). Of course, sure, they can act that way sometimes... but as little as possible. It has to have at least a semi-happy ending, and has to have been made in the recent years (I cannot deal with dramas from before 2007). It has to have at least some real kissing... or skinship. I do not want to watch another dead kiss. Dead kisses suck. I hope most Koreans really don't kiss that way, because it looks terribly awkward and not passionate at all. The couple needs to have some interactions that aren't dead or awkward or super humiliating for the girl.

So basically, something that is not at all like Playful Kiss. Dat drama was really not to my tastes.

If there's some kind of thriller-action thingie going on, that's a plus.


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  • 9 years ago
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    OMGGG YAY someone who likes my kind of drama lol. Okay soo here's what you HAVE to see...

    1. Iris- Honestly you don't get more bada** than this drama. Talk about an independent female. This drama has INTENSEEEE action. Every moment of it is intense. The relationship between the leads is beutiful but trust me they're budding relationship will be the last thing on your mind. All I could think about was I wonder who's going to die this time. Yeah so pretty much everything you want is in this drama and if you don't like it... well then don't bother with the rest cause I can't help you.

    2.Bad Guy- See the thing with this drama is you get all excited only to be like WTF at the end. But I this drama is REALLY REALLY good. A step below Iris in intensity but still really strong. With this drama you get 3 strong independent females well more like 2 1/2 cause Mo Ne is ehhh. If you want murder in every episode or every other watch Iris but if you still want an intense plot line watch this. I was like OMG the whole time because the characters were really built up and the whole situation was fragile with every1. No one was safe of secrets.

    3. Cruel Love- This isn't really intense just more like an intense romance. It's really twisted and sad. See the thing here is the female is too independent from them guys, hehe okay not really it's just ahhh idk how to explain. Just watch and see if you like it=)

    4. Bread, Love, and Dreams- Action pack= NO. Not a simple lovestory where the girl just goes for the guy= YES. No OMG OMG WTHH moments more like "wow... why... wow......." Really good=)

    lol this list is gradually decreasing in intensity=)

    5. World's Within- I had to include this. It's not the most intense of dramas but it's far from cutesy. The actual issues are real issues and it really makes you respect directors, producers, and writers. Both the leads are strong independent people which makes it all the more fun when they try to put their worlds together.


    more cutesy but somewhat bearable are Coffee Prince, Take of Young Lady, and Secret Garden these are more make you laugh dramas that you watch to calm you down from the intensity of the other dramas hehe=)

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  • 9 years ago

    "Protect the Boss" was a great drama and the lead actress's character was definitely not a dumb, childish, weak damsel in distress character. Also a plus the second lead actress wasn't a conniving, mean, clingy girl.

    "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" recently ended and it was a cute a drama w/ strong leads as well.

    "Personal Taste" was okay, it stars Lee Min Ho as a guy who pretends to be gay in order to move into this girl's house. It had cute moments, but the lead actress's character is a little dense.

    "Smile, You" was also a great drama. It was a weekend drama that aired back in 2009; it's a bit long (45 episodes), but is fun and cute.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    DUDE. I just got finished watching Coffee Prince. It has more skinship then you know the norm especially when the leads finally get together. So far this has probably been my favorite. A couple of downfalls is that once the leads start fighting near the end the women lead (Yoon eun hye ~favorite women kdrama actress) starts making me want to punch her because she isn't acting like herself. The male lead is somewhat mean to her but in a more playful way... bc he loves her too much.

    Also I don't like how it rushes the ending.

    Overall I think it is fantastic, you should at least watch the first episode and see if you like it.


  • Tissue
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    lol i can tell you hated playful kiss actually i'm the opposite i love cheesy dramas like that and to tell you the truth 90% of dramas i've watched are like that historical dramas tend to firm though the princess' man should be right in your taste , tree with deep roots is also awesome hope you try

    protect the boss

    secret garden

    prosecutor princess( i think you should take the risk to watch because she slowly matures )

  • 6 years ago

    I really liked "the greatest marriage" but the ending wasn t satisfying...but its really good

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