What was Frank Sinatra like ?

I doubt anyone knew him personally, so please don't waste mine and yours time by commenting something rude like that. But he was dead before I could understand the world around me. So according to interviews, and magazine articles what was he like?

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    9 years ago
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    he was a great singer and a really funny guy but personally?

    there are alot of stories.

    aparantly he wasn't racist,which is surprising since he was born in america in 1915.the evidence is that when the steam room somewhere was segregated and he had just performed for the first time with sammy davis jr.,people tried to stop him from going n but frank made them let him in.?

    another story is that him and his mafia ties had been instrumental in the election of jfk,and kennedy said he would come tho stay with frank after he was elected.so frank got a lush spare room built on the side of his home.the president canceled via his staff.sinatra took this personally,and so he personally took a sledge hammer to the new room on the side ofhis house and destroyed it

    my uncle told me this story from personal witnessing.

    my uncle worked in a hotel in dublin were sinatra was staying and performing.he was in the bar and frank jr. was playing the piano and singing,having 'the craic' with people there.frank snr. came down in a frenzy and demanded that the piano be brought up to his room,knowing it was the ony piano in the hotel.he couldn't stand anyone else being the cebter of attention according to my uncle.

    he was also a very heavy drinker and smoker.he drank bottles of jack daniels most days.

    he also was 'purportedly' connected to the mafia.(i use purportedly lightly because its pretty much a fact.)

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    From what I have been able to gather from the internet and television sources over the years he was like a fine fifth of Woodford Reserve... Amazing, and warm, with a crack like a whip at the end.

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