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Why does the FCC regulatory body not do anything for the little guy?

I don't think the fcc should censor so much but the regulations the fcc puts out needs to be legit and not cater to the big monopolies.

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    If you look at the history of regulation in the US, you see the same pattern over and over. Broadcasting is a good example.

    At first there was no law about broadcasting. Anyone who wanted to invest a little money could buy a transmitter and go on the air. This was happening as soon as the early 1910s. By the end of WWI stations were being sponsored, broadcasting scheduled programs, etc.

    Well by that time there were a few 'leaders', companies that had several stations around the country. They went to the Fed. Govt. and lobbied for regulation to protect their interests. They needed an exclusive license to the frequencies they were using. The Govt. responded with the first Federal Communications Act, which basically cemented the lead of the leaders, protected the handful of big companies from competition. Most RCA (Radio Corporation of America) and Westinghouse.

    These companies grew into giant corporations that controlled more and more of the broadcasting spectrum, controlled a permanent major market share. 30 or 40 years passed and now they saw regulation as a hindrance, slowing them down. So they went back to the govt. and now they wanted -de-regulation-. So the govt. did that.

    But there was only so much broadcast spectrum and since the beginning the airwaves were considered to belong to The People. A radio station, or later a TV station, owed the public a debt for using their airwaves, so they had to include some public service programming, they had to cover politics fairly (the 'fairness doctrine'), and so forth. Then along comes Ronald Reagan who decided to just give the airwaves to their current occupants, allowing them to use them with no requirements at all. This represents a giveaway of perhaps tens of billions of dollars of public property.

    All through our history it's been like this. The rich and powerful corporations 'own' our government, bought and paid for, so the govt. works for them first, and The People come in somewhere down the list.

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    The FCC censors very little. Broadcast stations really have to go over the line to even get fined. I don't quite understand what you think the FCC should be doing for the little guy.

  • Anonymous
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    there are no little guys that own television or radio stations that broadcast across state lines, thus, all the little guys are out of FCC jurisdiction, they can't do anything to or for them, our local public access network swears and depicts sex and nudity freely (well, they've restricted themselves a little in recent years due to viewer complaints) but cannot be touched by the FCC because they are not interstate. They even claim to and occasionally violate copyright laws for music, movies and TV shows, I have talked to one of the owners of the station, and he claims they can because they are not interstate, but usually try to be respectful, but leave the decision ultimately to the people putting on the show, don't know if he's right about that, but if it is, that's a prime example, no punishments however mean no protection either.

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    What can they do? Little guys do not own TV and Radio stations.

    I think they need to put a little banner under every news story that the speaker, and his broadcaster won't swear under oath is true and correct to the best of his knowledge and belief. What fun we could have with FOX news, or the GOP debates if they were required to either swear to things or admit they probably made them up.

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    There are no little guys who own broadcast facilities.

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