In Skyrim, how do i purchase a home and get married and what not?

I heard it was possible, but I just wanted to know for sure.

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    After you defeat your first Dragon, the Jarl of Whiterun will inform his apprentice that your able to purchase property in his city. The home cost 5000 coins, but there is a secret. When purchasing the home, try to get into the castle at around 3:00 AM when he will be sleeping, ask him to purchase the home and he will be like are you sure? Hit yes, quickly back out of the chat and there should be a dresser/wardrobe next to him and put your gold into it. Then exit out and wait for him to get the key, and BAM free house. Go back to wherever you put your money and collect it. It only works with 5000 coins.

    There are a few ways to obtain the Amulet of Mara. The first is to find one randomly in loot or from a merchant. One is confirmed to be at Bleak Falls Barrow, and another is in a tent near Hela's Folly shipwreck. You can also head to the Riften Temple of Mara and give 200 gold to Maramal. One can also go to Ancient's Ascent, a dragon altar southwest of Helgen, after killing the dragon, you can find the amulet in the chest. Alternatively, you can speak with a priest in the Temple of Mara and obtain a quest of love for Mara. Upon completing all objectives, you will be rewarded with an Amulet of Mara.

    You will not be able to marry anyone until you have spoken to Maramal about marriage. Even if you have obtained the amulet from the quest, you still need to speak with him for any action to be taken upon it. For example, one cannot marry Ysolda of Whiterun until this is complete. If you've not visited The Bee and Barb before, Maramal will be there and not in the temple.

    So go to Riften, visit the Bee and the Barb then speak to Maramal meet him at the temple, ask him about marriage buy the amulet for 200 coins put it on and find yourself a mate.

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    To add an important detail to the previous answers; to get the option to ask an npc to marry you in skyrim you have to talk about marriage with the priest of mara (forget his name) who you can find in the bee and barb in Riften. After that, asking an NPC to marry you becomes available while you are wearing the amulet of mara, which you can buy from the before mentioned priest if you have not found one.

    As others have stated, you can buy a house once you become a thane of a city or just generally liked. The easiest to buy is Breesehome in Whiterun, which is 5000 to buy and another 2500 or so to fully furnish. You can buy it once you become thane of whiterun which is early on in the main storyline, after you first kill the dragon.

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    House: Impress the Jarl of any city by helping out the people (misc. quests). Then go to either the Jarl or whoever the adviser is and ask to buy the house. They give you the key and you go out and find it. You can buy as many houses as you want, provided you have the money. I don't care for a home personally, I stay at the College of Winterhold, free stuff to...."borrow". Spouse: Find an amulet of Mara. You can easily go to Riften and go to the temple of Mara to buy one for 200 gold. Then go about your normal business. Some people (both guys and girls) will become interested and say like "I'm surprised someone like you isn't spoken for much...". And an option comes up saying "Interested in me are you?" and you go from there. YOU CAN ONLY HAVE ONE SPOUSE! Relationships with people: Do good deeds for them. You know, misc. objectives. And you'll usually hear form them "Its a fine day with you around!". Just do their bidding. Not too hard, like getting a sword from a cave or something. Remember, this activates you being able to buy a house.

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    Yes you can buy homes and get married.

    To get a house speak to Proventus Avenicci in Dragonreach you can buy a whiterun house for 5000 gold from him. Get that house first its the cheapest, you can get other houses later that are more money.

    To get married go to Riften find the bee and barb go inside speak with Maramal he will tell you about the amulet of mara, its a necklace you have to wear and buy. He sells one for 200 gold. Then once you buy it you put it on and speak to certain people in the game, do a quest for them then they will say are you insterested in me, then you say yes, and then you will meet the next day at the chapel to get married. You can't marry who ever you want there are only certain people.

    I married Ysolda from whiterun, all i had to do was put on amulet of mara, go get ysolda a mammoth tusk, then she said are you instested in me then I said yes, then you get married the next day and you can move in with her or she can move in with you if you have a house. Then she sets up shop and if you wait 48 hours she will give 100 gold every 48 hours ok.

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    Well talk to the guy in the gold rope in Rifften in at the church then ask for the amulet of Mara. Then wear it and if you talk to certain people they will like kinda flirt with you and then yeah, but you have to complete a quest for them first and you can marry almost everyone in the compainions btw but to get a house you have to do a quest for the jarl...

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    For a house you must complete some quest until the jarl of whiterun say you can. It cost 5000 or 10000. To get married you have to go to riften and go to the church and buy a amulet from the preist. from there you can go to riverwood and talk to the lady in the trader she will marry you

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    To buy a home, talk to the Jarls steward. When they like you enough, they'll let you buy a house.

    To get married, talk to a priest of Mara. You'll need a necklace of Mara.

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